This is the home of the University of Kentucky’s Department of Journalism and Media’s Virtual Reality Storytelling Class. This is a resource for our students to post their work and other helpful tutorials, reviews and blog posts. Please “look around!”


Battle Axes 360

Witness Battle Axes, the only Axe-Throwing place in the Lexington area! Get a brief look at the entry and lobby of the business, before diving into the action. Make sure to keep your eyes open; you may have to duck! Shooter/Photographer: Sarah Tran Editor: Braden Ramsey

Living with Jaguars VR

Living with Jaguars is a VR Experience directed by Patrick McGuire and Jeff Orlowski that was designed in partnership by Occupied VR and Motherboard-VICE. It is an interactive VR film that documents wild jaguars in a rural region of Brazil. There have been tensions between jaguars and ranchers in the area for a long time, …


JAM students are getting their first taste of virtual reality in David Stephenson’s new VR Storytelling class. MAS and Journalism students have participated in demonstrations with the HTC Vive VR headset and experienced augmented reality (AR) with the brand new Hololens during a tour at the Computer Science’s Visualization Center. The class will also participate in a live webcast with the head of VR and VR photojournalist Jack Gruber at USAToday before they begin to tackle producing their own 360-degree videos. Using consumer-level 360-degree cameras, students will spend much of the semester planning and producing their own 360 videos for use in Google Cardboard viewers.

MAS 390/JOU 497 Course description: Students in the VR Storytelling class will research, analyze, and produce multimedia content for the virtual reality, augmented reality and 360-degree platforms with a primary focus on storytelling. They will be introduced to emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality headsets, 360-degree video cameras, VR publishing platforms and other technologies that are on the horizon. We will be watching and critiquing various storytelling techniques used by publishers in journalism, gaming and non-fiction in order to understand how we will produce our own stories using immersive environments.