Video Game Vehicle (360 VR video!)

Video Game Vehicle (360 VR video!) was produced by SoKrispyMedia and published to YouTube on July 24, 2018. This video was created by Sam Wickert and Eric Leigh of SoKrispyMedia. This video was produced by Brandon Padveen of Madison Wells Media. The executive producers of this video was Gigi Pritzker, Clint Kisker, and Ethan Stearns, all of Madison Wells Media. Finally, Alex Lubow was the production designer for this video.

This video seemed like to me as a mix of reality and virtual reality. I say this because the characters used an actual Kia Soul and integrated it into a virtual reality space. The Kia Soul was the subject of the video, as it was the video game console they were using to play the games. The first game they played was like a Grand Theft Auto kind of universe, and they were sitting behind a warehouse-looking building. The two guys in the car were just talking.

Suddenly, they decide to play another game. They then pop another game into the console of the car (which I think was the game console). They do a Back to The Future like jump into the new game they were playing. The jump was like the scene in Back to The Future where Marty McFly drives the DeLorean to 88 miles per hour and suddenly is transported from 1985 to 1955. As soon as they touch wheels into the new game a giant robot attacks them. After being scared of the robot, one of the guys decide to switch games again. They then are transported to a Super Mario Brothers like universe and then their Kia Soul is transformed into a monster Kia Soul. The game then acts like it malfunctions and the boys are suddenly back into the game they started in. The robot from the second video game then starts to shoot at them with its lasers . After a few seconds, the robot is replaced with a police officer, who then arrests them and they end the video in the police station.

I personally like this video. There are scenes in the video where it is intended to be humorous.  One of my hobbies in my spare time is to play video games. One of the games I play is Grand Theft Auto, which is why I said the first game they  played looked like Grand Theft Auto. One of my qualms about the video it is that I think it has terrible audio. I could hardly follow the dialogue in the video. I do like how they integrate the Kia Soul into the virtual reality world. The car looks like it is real, so either they actually used a Kia Soul in the video or they had some really good CGI.

I think that video games of the future will begin to use virtual reality. I think in the future, when we are succeeding and flourishing in our careers, our children will be playing games that incorporate virtual reality. it will certainly be fun to tell my future children that I took a class that used virtual reality as a tool for journalism.



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