Review of the VirtualSpeech App

The app I am reviewing  today is the VirtualSpeech App. The VirtualSpeech App is an app made by the company Virtual Speech Ltd. The app is available for free through the Google Play store (for Android devices), the App Store (for iOS devices), Samsung Gear VR, and the Oculus Go store. The app is an app for people to practice interviews, public speaking and so much more things that are essential to succeed in the workplace.


This app is great for practicing:

  • public speaking
  • preparing for job interviews
  • business networking
  • workplace mindfulness (i.e. reducing stress in the workplace)
  • delivering sales pitches
  • improving written, oral and comprehension skills
  • strategies and techniques for training purposes
  • delivering presentations
An example of delivering sales pitches to employers.
An example of a classroom presentation.



The only con I have with this app is that some things are monetized  (such as the online courses they offer) and as a “broke college student”, I would rather just use the free features.

Who would this app be useful for?

This app would be great for college students who struggle with the areas mentioned above to practice getting comfortable and confident in these areas. I could see college students who are close to graduating using this prior to attending job interviews. I could also see this being used by students in SGA  or in an organization to give speeches and presentations.  

On this note, the app allows for the user to have their presentation in the app on the virtual screen (like you were actually there giving a presentation).


How Do I Use the App?

Download the app from the store and open it. Once you open it, you will see a menu with different areas you can work on. Point your pointer to the area you want to go to and it will insert you into it. 

Additional Information

Virtual Speech also offers additional helpful resources on their Facebook and Twitter feeds committed to improving yourself in the workplace.

The video below outlines what the app can do.

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