321-Launch App


The app I decided to do a review over was the 321-launch app. It is a free app for Apple and Android products that will put you in control of a rocket launch anywhere in the world. The app uses your camera and a flat surface for you to start your building process. The app will give real high-definition 3D models of launch pads and a Space X Falcon 9. The app uses AR, to allow for you to be the director of your own rocket launch. Here is a link to see how the app works.

As a kid who at one-point thought going out of space was just the coolest thing in the world, this app caught my attention. This is just another way we see the advancement of AR in the 21st century. For the millions of us who will never be able to work on a rocket launch or ever be a part, this gives you an up close and personal view of how this entire project works.

A plus on this app was how it talks you through and gives insight on what you are doing, as opposed to you just going and doing the project. Each step in the app process has a voice going along with the video, as you will be able to hear and see in the video below.

As I played with the app for a few days I noticed a glaring problem. As you see below, I would have this message pop up, no matter what type of surface I used the it for. I also have pictured below the different surfaces I used as well. Over the past week I tried and tried and got the same result every time. A flaw I see in the app so far is that it has trouble finding or recognizing flat surfaces. With that being the most important part of the app, I struggled to enjoy and explore the possibilities of the app over the week.

A picture of what would pop up on my phone for a week.
One of the surfaces, a desktop.





Another surface, the floor in Grehan.

Overall, I believe that the app is pretty cool. Another cool piece on the app is that it gives you a chance to be apart of live experiences that will only occur on launch days. To have the ability to create your own rocket launch is one of the coolest things I believe are out there, and this will give people of all ages an opportunity to be the newest member of America’s space team, anytime you want.