Layering texts behind objects in Adobe Premiere Pro

Adding texts to videos is a way to engage the viewer into the video but placing texts behind objects can increase the production value and make for an aesthetic video.

First step: You will need to duplicate your video layer. To do this, you can press the Alt key and drag the video layer to the upper layer, leaving an empty layer in between. That is where the text layer will go.

Second step: Mask the layer where you want your text to go. To do so, click on the ‘Opacity mask tools’ in the ‘Effects Controls’ panel. Use the Free draw bezier tool and then draw a path along the layer you want to add text behind. To be more accurate, you can use the zoom tool.

Step three: Next, use the type tool and added any text you want. To add more detail to the text, click on the ‘Essential graphics’ panel (Window > Essential Graphics). Next, drag the graphic layer down between the 2 duplicate clips (the empty layer between the 2). Now position and resize the text.

Step four: Zoom into the editing screen and check the text and details of the mask path using the bezier handles to make sure it is following the layer you want your text behind.

Here is an example! To do this, they used the mask path along the player and placed the text behind the player.