AR Beauty Company

ModiFace is an augmented reality-based company centered around creating augmented reality technology for beauty brands. This company offers live try-on simulations and uses technology to track a person’s facial features with accurate detail. L’Oreal purchased this augmented reality beauty company based in Canada in 2018. 

The type of people a company like ModiFace and even L’Oreal would be targeting is women and men who use beauty products. This is a very specific audience they are working to target, but on the other hand it is a very large audience so creating something new in the beauty community is exciting and a lot of people will want to pay attention to it. 

ModiFace is a really functional and useful because they use technologies that haven’t been used in the beauty industry a whole lot before. They use something called Real-time Facial Analysis to gain highly accurate slight movements/expressions by looking at nearly 70 facial indicators most wouldn’t even think about on a day-to-day basis, such as wrinkles or freckles. ModiFace claims this is one of the most accurate technologies in the world. This is a big claim, but it seems they have the door open for more opportunities because a few brands chose to give them a chance once upon a time. 

They took augmented reality There are also multiple other projects they have created and offer. Some of these include a Sephora Virtual Artist, web e-commerce AR on a brand’s website, and even in-store AR mirrors. Each of these have a similar if not the exact same purpose. 

This company has made strides in the direction of a more advanced beauty industry. 

You can find more information on their website: