AR Horses Xray Helper

The application I found that directly linked augmented reality to my major,equine science and management, was an app called “AR Horses Xray Helper.” Quentin Pleyers is the application publisher, and the intended platform is through apple products like an iPhone or an iPad. I couldn’t find hardly any information about the publisher(s?) of the app, other than the few other mediocre apps they have produced, which were more along the lines of simple games. 

The intended audience for the application is students in veterinary school, specifically those studying equine anatomy. It allows the viewer to take a close up look at the distal limbs of a horse. 

This application of augmented reality is a functional, real-world practice for veterinary students to learn how to properly and safely use x-ray equipment on horses. Inspecting the lower limbs of horses can be very hands-on and dangerous so this app offers an AR approach to let equine veterinary students learn and not compromise their safety as they do so. 

This is a somewhat appropriate use of AR. The purpose of augmented reality is to engage digital graphics with the user’s surrounding world, which this technically does. This application and use of AR however, has the same value to vet students as a physical reconstruction of an equine leg. While this is more accessible than say, an actual bone model, it would have put AR to better use with something that is much harder to experience in the real world. Which leads me to my thoughts about the lacking parts of the experience…

One thing that I would consider a weakness is the lack of the upper body anatomy. I think that it would be really beneficial for students to be able to view the internal layers and bone structure of the barrel, neck, and head of the horse as well. This would have applied augmented reality into a more beneficial learning option. Overall a pretty neat AR use in the equine science industry. Check it out here: