Arizona State University Campus Tour 2D vs. 360


Hello everyone! As you can tell by the title I will be doing an analysis of the Phoenix campus at Arizona State University. Since I hope to go to grad school there I thought it would be a pretty cool idea to do a compare and contrast about the difference between a regular standard 2D video and a 360 video.

While 360 videos are gaining traction in the media world, it would make sense that universities are starting to offer a more realistic video of what their campuses look like. Personally, I think 360 videos of campuses are better because it puts potential students right in the middle of the fields of their campus. It’s more realistic, it’s lively and it helps those who may not be able to visit get a better understanding of the school.

Now that you’ve watched both videos, lets compare.

First off, two great videos that show the liveliness of the Phoenix campus. I think in the standard video, we saw some close-up, drone footage, interviews, statistics about the campus. We received a standard view of all campus tours are like. Those videos can be found for any campus. They give us a small inside look into where you could be. There is nothing wrong with a video about what life in college is life. We got to see some classrooms, building landscapes and even a little bit of the downtown area. The sound in the video was good, the clips were clear and easy to follow. It was a nice glimpse into what life is like. I think every time I watch this video, it makes me want to go to grad school here even more. Which is perfectly fine with me.

In this 360 video, we got to see a larger scale more in-depth view of the Phoenix campus. And we even got a walking buddy to go with it. It felt like a real-life tour of the campus. From walking into the student center to walking down the steps to walking across the street to the main classroom building. It felt so real. What I enjoy most about this 360 video is being able to look around at my surroundings. I think that’s what makes 360 videos so appealing is the ability to place people in these virtual reality places, without actually being there. The natural sound works perfectly for the video because they become more real and it feels like you’re walking with the tour guide. Another aspect of the video that I liked was the person. It was side by side, she pointed at things so we knew where to look and it didn’t seem weirdly placed.

Cons about the 2D video-

  1. Too many quick cuts. I understand that it wasn’t supposed to be like a serious tour but the cuts were too quick. Giving the audience some time to process what they are looking at is what makes a video great in my opinion. Keeps them engaged and enthuised.
  2. I would’ve liked the video to be a tad bit longer. Yes, it’s a small campus but it’s in a big city so more stuff in the video would be nice.
  3. It feels acted out. Now I know every college wants to make their campus look as amazing as possible but they don’t have to be over done. Videos like these sometimes can lose their appeal because of how

Cons about the 360 video-

  1. The title should’ve been there a tad bit longer. I would’ve actually liked to read it fully. I think the main point of the video was to “LOOK AROUND” so maybe the editor and producer didn’t want you to focus on the words so much.
  2. Sometimes the natural sound overpowered the tour guide speaking. I felt this clash of sound and it was very distracting.
  3. I think there could’ve been more of the standard 360 shots. For example, when she went into the UCENT building, we walked in but then it cut to just a 360 still video of us standing in the middle. That part was fine, but they should’ve done that for every part she went to because she did a quick glance of the video and then it was on to the next thing.

Both videos gave us a variety of how a campus video should look. I think a 360 toue guide is much better than those 360 still images you may see on some college websites. 2D standard videos are great to but then can never compare to what a 360 video can offer. Either way, both videos were engaging and have a lot of potential in showing students what their college offers. With the right clips, sounds and angles, any one can a great 2D and 360 video.