Augmented Reality Show and Tell: Apollo 11 As They Shot It

The New York Times is one of, if not the most powerful news organization in our country. It has a rich history of upholding the truth and informing their readers. The New York Times is also looking to revolutionize the way readers read their content through Augmented Reality. One of the times most interesting AR experiences is their story on the Apollo 11 moon landing. The story incorporates transcripts from the flight log aboard Apollo 11. As you begin to scroll through the article pictures of the landing begin to appear. We then move to the moon walk phase of the mission. As you keep scrolling you end up on the moon outside of Apollo 11 with a variety of different AR filters to experience. The different filters are separate landscape shots of the moon take by Armstrong. The next phase of the story now focuses on Buzz Aldren exiting the craft. You can view his descent to the moons surface in AR as well. As you scroll through the transcripts of Aldren, Armstrong and their flight control we move to the iconic planting of the American flag on the moon. You can view the actual picture in AR as well. The article the moves to a variety of different panoramic pictures if the moon which you can view in full AR. After this the article transforms back into a more regular looking article similar to how the piece started. This piece by the New York Times is probably the most visually intriguing and intellectually engaging articles I have ever read. I am a visual learner so when what I am reading is accompanied by AR landscapes that go along with what I am reading it makes the experience much more engaging. I feel that the audience would be the younger generation mostly because they don’t read articles like older individuals. You don’t feel like you’re reading a transcript of the Apollo 11 mission. You feel like a part of the team almost because you are seeing what they saw while at the same time reading what they said about it so it makes the experience that much more immersive. I feel that this an excellent use of AR. It takes the regular article and revolutionizes the experience. With AR an article is no longer on a page its an entire experience. I feel if more news companies utilize this it could revolutionize the way we view print journalism forever.