Waterfront Park in Louisville, Kentucky

This 360 video takes a look at one of the biggest attractions in Louisville, Kentucky the Waterfront Park. You will see a small part of the Big Four Lawn. This is where many concerts and events are held, rather its big names or local artist. The Big Four Lawn is famous for Waterfront Wednesday which are a big deal at the waterfront. Hundreds of people come out to enjoy good food, music, and weather.

It also shows the mini water park which is often filled with lots of kids running around and enjoying the cold water in the hot summer time. Take a look at the dock where many people dock their boats here during the summer, you will see many of the spaces filled with personal boats. Also look directly at the Ohio river, the bridges and Indiana’s side of the Ohio River.

Lens Studio by Snapchat

These lenses are augmented reality better known as AR. Snapchat started this in December 2017. For most of the lens it is created with a 2D logo, picture, etc. So therefore a 2D software is used in order to create them.

There are several templates that you can use to create whatever lens you want. These templates includes:

Landmarker (Beta) This allows you to create different and unique lens at selected locations around the world.

The Landmarker lens includes:

  • Buckingham Palace in London, UK
  • Eiffel Tower in Paris, France 
  • Flatiron Building in NYC, US
  • TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, California, US
  • US Capitol in Washington, D.C., US

Pet Tracking  This lets you add different things to your real life cat or dog faces.

Hand Tracking This allows you to create a lens for your hand that adds images or animations to the palm.

Body Tracking– This lens allows you to add images and animations to the upper part of your body.

High Score– This is the lens that allows you track a high score on the games created.

It’s easy to make a lens with what they provide you but if you want to be more creative and go above and beyond it takes different software and many steps. You need to have a 2D image created of your own in order to get the full effect on creating a lens. One of the hardest lenses to create would be the land marker because of the process you have to deal with in order to have the special location created the way you want it.

Creating a len:

I decided to create a lens by using one of the templates they provided. This template was for the face and allowed me to create glasses of my choice. One I customized the frame and lenses in the glasses, I was able to sync it to my snap chat. I was able to do this by going to the snap chat app and taking a scanning the tag as if I was adding someone.

Tour of FoodChain in 360 Video

For our 360-video assignment, we decided to take a tour of the FoodChain. Abbie Long and I got the chance to personally look at the indoor aquaponics farm and other features, with the founder Becca Self. Becca Self showed us the unique process with their aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil). In this video, you will see what it takes to grow their microgreens and raise 500 tilapias here in Lexington, Kentucky.

Photographed by Abbie Long

Produced by Chelsea Hobbs

H&M Paris Fashion Show Review

I decided to look at the fashion industry and how they are using VR 360 videos to make things more interesting. By having a passion for fashion I wanted to do some research to see if VR has taken steps into this world. I knew that the typical  VR video would most likely be a fashion show and that’s exactly what I found.

I searched runway 360 videos and a lot of high-end brands seem to take off with this aspect, I found a brand that everyone seems to be very familiar with and that’s H&M. H&M decided to do a 360 VR video live from the Paris Fashion show. The publisher of this video was H&M studio which is a huge clothing store that dedicates to women, men, and children clothing.

The piece was very different this was my first time seeing a fashion show being shot in 360 videos. One thing that wasn’t successful about this video is the position of the camera. When you looked away from the runway you saw the audience and it made the video lack the value of the 360. Something that the producer did well was the cuts of the videos. Switching back and forth to different scenes went well with their transitions. There were no obvious glitches or anything.

The beginning of the video it lacked good footage it showed the runway with the audience in back more than it showed models. You can barely see models walking down the runway because the camera is too far away. During the entire video, it switched back and forth to different cameras they had placed on the runway and also a camera that was placed behind the sence. The end of the video was very enjoyable when the lights in the building went out, the song changed and the models all walked out together. The position of the cameras that was very good and it also played natural sound. Talk about the character(s) and how they drove the story or not. The characters were the models. They made the story because the focus was on them and what they are wearing.  There were times in the video that the

This Virtual Reality video didn’t use any emotional appeal, but it wasn’t supposed to because of the topic dealing with the runway. One way that it used emotion in a sense is when it showed the models and people backstage smiling and cheering the models on.

It wasn’t character driven because it wasn’t one person that the video was focused on. It was location driven because it focused on one location which was the runway that the models walked on and also the backstage. The video had no narration the only thing that was playing was background music that was a fast tempo. Personally, I don’t think this was appropriate for VR because this video didn’t have a great experience in 360. The whole 360 wasn’t used the way it should have been.

The only weaknesses that this video held was the background music and the loaction of the 360 camera. If the camera was placed more into the runway it would have a different appeal. The camera seemed to be a little too far from the models making it hard to see what they were wearing