A Morning at Siena Horse Farm in VR

In this VR video, see what Siena farms does from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. See how they prepare the food, feed the horses, walk the foals out and give care to the newborns.

Siena Farm is located in paris, Kentucky. This video is shot, edited and produced by: Collin Rutledge.

Relax VR: A Getaway In Your Living Room

Relax VR: Rest and Meditation

Relax VR: Rest and Meditation is new way to rejuvenate yourself. Quickly escape to relax on a beautiful beach, watch the clouds go by or lie in rice paddles. Listen to soft, soothing, melodic tunes while gazing over at an ocean doing a gentle meditation.

Maker, Availability and Price

NOW TECHNOLOGY PTY. LTD created Relax VR as their first Virtual Reality experience. The App falls under the category of “Health and Fitness” in the Apple iTunes store. It is approximately a 450 MB download and requires iOS 8.0 and up to run. Although many applications in the iTunes App Store are offered free, Relax VR is not one of them. It costs $1.99 to download, but that is cheaper than actually vacationing to one of these beautiful places the app offers.


  1. Help calm down, and relax you as you escape to an exotic place.
  2. With headphones, it can allow you to have the perfect place to meditate.
  3. Spatial audio is beautiful.
  4. Besides just picking a beach, you can pick a certain destination in the world to fit your mood.
  5. Updates every month or two with new destinations.
  6. Great quality.


  1. $1.99 instead of it being a free app.
  2. A lot of space to download. Half a gigabyte. (500 MB)
  3. Some glitches can occur. Scene does not load properly the first time.
  4. App can crash unexpectedly.
  5.  Can run down your battery power easily.

How It Works

  • Select your scene
  • Put your phone into the VR headset (headphones are optional, but are recommended)
  • Choose between guided Yoga music, or calming, peaceful music.
  • Let the beauty of the scene, music and calmness let you slip into a soothing/meditation escape.
  • Emerge feeling rested and calm.


Relax VR is for ages 12 and up, but can be used for ages below 12. This app does not focus on a certain target audience because they want anyone/everyone to try this VR meditation escape! It’s perfect after a long stressful day, or if you are looking for your daily meditation.

Visit many places in around the world like:

  • Wineglass Bay Beach, Australia
  • Tropical Beach Escape, Phillipines
  • Northern Lights, USA
  • Forrest Creek, Germany


InCell VR Game on iOS


InCell VR is an action/racing game mixed with strategy and bio science, which is taken place in a micro world of the carefully recreated human cell. You are brought into the virtual world/cell and are tasked with outrunning viruses, exploring the cell and saving the cell from destruction. InCell is free on the Apple App Store, and was created by: NIVAL Inc. Currently, it is offered only in English, and it is compatible with iOS 8.0 and above. 


  1. Price: The game InCell is free-to-play. Anyone can obtain the App with their Apple product. Such as: iPhone, iPad and iPod/iTouch. The game is 199 MB.
  2. Comfortability: Virtual Reality games are sometimes hard to use because of the constant motion of what is happening in the game. It can be hard to keep track of everything in the game, but InCell does a great job of keeping the motion sickness away. Also, if the game becomes too much, or you don’t have your VR headset with you, you can play it normally by turning the VR mode off.
  3. Graphics and Sound: Out of all the VR games I have tried on iOS, InCell’s graphics are spectacular for a mobile game. The sound also is fantastic. It makes the VR experience that much better.
  4. Concept: The games concept and story is something out of the ordinary. You are emerged into a cell, and you have to protect the cell from viruses, and attacks. The strategy/racing style is different, but works great.


  1. Difficulty: InCell is a fun, but challenging game. It is not a game you can easily skip through without coming up against any challenges.
  2. Battery Life: As do most mobile games, InCell takes up a hefty chunk of battery life from your phone. Playing for about 20 – 30 mins can result up to 10 – 15% of your battery life taken.
  3. Storage: The game also takes up 200 Mb of storage to download, so downloading without WiFi will hurt. Also, if your phone doesn’t have a lot of free storage then 200 MB could hurt you.


My experience with InCell was great. I enjoyed the hybrid gameplay of exploring/tasks it prompted you with. I have played other VR games on iOS, but this one takes the cake. The sound and graphics were awesome for a mobile game, and it was entertaining. There were some times when I got frustrated at the game for failing to complete certain things, but games should challenge you. I think that is what makes game fun to play. The motion of the game wasn’t too much to handle. Overall, the game was well put together unlike a lot of VR games on the AppStore. NIVAL Inc. definitely took there time on this game.


After playing and reviewing the game, I give InCell a 4.5 out of 5. I enjoyed the game a ton, but the drain of battery and storage wasn’t to my liking. In the future I believe most VR games for mobile phones will have a reduced storage cost, and hopefully battery cost, but for VR still being new, NIVAL Inc. did an excellent job.

On the AppStore, 50+ users rated it 4.5 stars our of 5 on all versions, but after the newest patch, 1.4, it has received eleven 5 star reviews.



The pictures used in this post were from the Apple AppStore