360 Experience: Stop, Drop, and Stroll: A Humpday with the NPHC

The purpose of this event is to allow a space for greek councils to socialize and mingle among each other and with other students. This event allows Greek Organizations to participate in strolling. Members of the National Panhellenic and United Greek Council at the University of Kentucky were present.

Strolling was started in 1920 by the Divine 9, many have differing opinions as to who originally started strolling, though much historical respect is given to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. for beginning the tradition. Strolling is also known as a “party walk.” Strolling combines dancing to music, spoken word and stepping.

Strolling functions such as these have members of their respective Greek organizations line up one after another. Similar to saluting, they begin to move forward in the same dance motions, or many times alternating dance moves. As of 2014, there are over 60 sororities and 50 fraternities with the highest rate of expansion happening with Latin American Greek Life organizations.

You the viewer will get to experience everything in the middle of it all.

Created by Debonair Murray, Proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.


App Review: VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360

The app I will be reviewing is called ‘VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360’. This mobile  application was created by Rabbit Mountain, which is a app company known for creating mobile Virtual Reality Experiences, from Jurassic Park to Audiovisual experiences.  The intention of the application is to clearly give viewers the ultimate virtual reality experience by allowing them to review various virtual reality rides.

In order to use this app you have to have virtual reality glasses available. The application also comes with a setting that allows mobile users that do not have gyroscopes to enjoy the experience as well. I believe this is a very thoughtful and positive move because I do not believe most developers would assume that all phones have gyroscopes and such when the reality is that most mobile users do not have them. Even though there is a no gyroscope experience option, the virtual reality of this experience is optimized specifically for Android phone users and for the Google Cardboard VR goggles. I feel like this is not good because an application should be all around compatible with all phones and goggles. One should not have to come out more pocket than they already are if they desire to experience this application.

The application allows users to choose from different rides in an amusement park. The experience derives from real 360 footage. Along with this the experience, is accompanied by an interactive experience throughout the Rollercoaster rides.  Each ride has a unique interaction with the user! I see young children and pre-teens enjoying this application to pass time when waiting at appointments. Also I can visualize them showing their friends this app during lunch periods or afterschool when they are outside engaging in recreational activities.

360 Stories: The Source | Charity: Water VR Video

Water is life, and Clean Water Means Health.
-Audrey Hepburn

In this Virtual Reality experience, documentary, and campaign we are taken into a third world country struggling a to seek a basic element of life that we often take for granted: Clean Water. We embark on this journey through the eyes of thirteen-year-old Selam. In this experience we are exposed to the harsh conditions of a water crisis at a young age, but we are also exposed to the strength of family, faith, and dreams.

As Selam narrates, we are discovering that everyday that her family is forced to utilize unclean water on a daily basis. When they want to cleanse or even drink water, they must go to the river. Sadly, the river is infested with leeches and other things. Selam seeks  and prays for better for community.  Selam mesmerizes the audience with her strong will and ability to carry and take care of her family all while pursuing her education at the same time. Just as Selam willing gives to her family and community, the Charity: Water campaign will change her community forever by blessing them with the tools to bring clean water into her community.

Experience Selam’s Captivating Story here:

This Virtual Reality experience is very successful due to its interactivity.  We’re taken from open grasslands to fields where animals are present, all the while viewing the condition of the water. There no default viewpoint in this experience, you are right there in the very moment which adds a more intimate emotion to the story. Another example would be when Selam and her friend were playing the in the water with each other. Of course we were not exactly present, but the interaction of the water  with the camera would make you feel as if you messed were getting splashed by the water as well.

Another element that distinguished this virtual reality experience from other experiences is that it was character driven. We were put in the perspective of a female teenager. When it comes to using 360 cameras  all the while trying to reach a big audience it was executed very well. I didn’t sense any type or hyper masculinity or hyper femininity within the film.  If this was going to occur, then the production of the virtual reality experience would not have been as successful. I believe that its important to be creative when it comes to creating a virtual reality experience, but if you over indulge in you creativity the message and emotion that you want to present to your audience will be lost.

I believe that this virtual reality experience is more than appropriate because it takes most audience members like me to another world that I haven’t seen while also introducing me to new people. It was a very intimate experience. For a moment I truly felt like I really put myself in someone else’s shoes. In addition to the experience, its also a part of a collaborative campaign focused on restoring clean water all over the world. This shows that Virtual Reality has the power to carry a message even bigger than the its experience.