Pass the Gender “Rolls”

This video showcases an event that was held on campus that partnered with the Martin Luther King. Jr Center sub circle groups: My Brother’s Keeper and Sister Circle that talked on the topic: Pass The Gender “Rolls”. Throughout the video you will see from start to finish of how the event took place while being educated on numerous topics.

New USA TODAY VR feature: Experience the real Havana with ‘Cuba 360’

The Havana, Cuba turns into a 360 video just for a day with USA Today reporter,  Alan Gomez. Gomez takes the opportunity to show people like myself what Cuba has to offer to its viewers and why they should actually incorporate Cuba into their plans one day.


This 360 video isn’t one of your normal video that’s up to date but for an area that you hear so many negative things about, I feel as its only right to include this video in my report. Gomez does a great job of giving us the life of Cuba by taking us through various significant locations that surrounds Havana, Cuba. For instant taking you along the drive of government buildings, famous waterfront area and of course through various other locations that gives you exposure to the culture of Cubans who live throughout the streets of Cuba. Through this video you get to see various things going on for instant, local shops, eateries, and living locations and conditions of Cubans

One of the cool things that I like about the 360 video that Gomez did is have the camera located on the front of the car. With the camera being placed on the front of the car you get advantage of not only seeing Gomez driving the vehicle but you get to see what he’s getting ready to encounter. From the article, Gomez mentions that they utilized one of the popular Cuban cars, that Cuba tends to maintain in their country and drive on a regular basis due to their culture.

One of the things that connects the Cuban and American culture together is the things that they tend to do that Americans do too; which is haircuts. One of the clips from the 360 video you can see an individuals getting their haircut. Keeping a crispy cut is important to individuals of the Cuba country according to prior research. 

With this 360 video they used different variations of the Cuban culture that makes this VR significant to the country of Cuba. We, as the audience, was able to go down the history of Cuba by visiting different monuments that are located across Cuba. Along with that you get to feel the person gestures from Cuban’s in their natural habitat through a camera which is really important in my opinion.

The characters featured in this 360 video is a variety of people ranging from different citizens of the Cuba community. Each character played a significant role in making this 360 video popular along with being successful. With the way this video was driven, I think it was VR appropriate. With the weaknesses of this video, I personally think the only thing that was a problem included the quality of the VR camera. Something that could’ve changed to make this video stronger is to make sure the camera quality was clearer and not too foggy. Other than that, everything was appropriate and good that made this a strong candidate for VR 360 videos. If we continue to promote camera placement and quality then soon there will be great videos all over.

The Man on Spire: 360 Video

The man on Spire  is a video that consist of a mountaineer who climbs the spire of the the World Trade Center. This video took place in of course, New York City. Throughout the duration of the video you can see the mountaineer climbing the spire along with being able to view all of New York City while doing so. Along with the mountaineer was filmmaker and photographer Jimmy Chin who was able to capture this amazing experience.

Throughout this piece, I think it was extremely successful. As a lot of people are scared of heights, this was an opportunity for people to see first hand someone tackle something that most would never do in their lifetime. Along with this 360 VR video, not only do you get the change to witness the professional mountaineer take on this task but you get to see the sunrise and sunset of the city the we may know as, “never sleeps”. Along with this 360 view you get to see someone climb one of the tallest buildings in the United States, remember, ONE of the tallest, not the tallest.

One of the unique ways in how the story is told in this prospective is how the 360 video didn’t begin straight from when the guy was climbing up the spire. But, the video started when the guy was on the ground in front of the world trade center. The guy was sizing up the building and getting ready which leads to the finishing of this 360 video in how the guy accomplished the things that he did accomplish throughout the day from start to finish.  So with that being said, there was a beginning, middle and an end.

Throughout the 360 video you can hear the mountaineer and filmmaker/photographer having casual conversations. From the conversations you can pick up on a little emotions evolving from the mountaineer but it wasn’t necessarily scared or frightening emotions  With this video, it would be labeled as more so location driven long with experience driven based off of the mountaineers experience and how he is a professional at climbing mountains, even though this was something unordinary for him to climb. Weaknesses of this story in my opinion came with the transition scenes from coming off of the ground and onto the spot of where they began to climb the spire. If the transitioning scene could’ve been a little more smoother than I personally think things would’ve been perfect at that point in regards to telling this story. Overall, there wasn’t any tension amongst the people featured in this 360 video but more so the individuals knew that they had to work together to make sure that they are all safe to get to the top. One of the things that really amazed me is how clear and concise the video was when it came to capturing everything that the filmmaker/photographer did. Not only that, but how was the filmmaker/photographer was able to continuously climb the spire along with the mountaineer and all of the camera equipment he had to utilize to to capture everything.



UK Gymnastics 360 Tour

This past year, the UK Gymnastics team accomplished many accolades last year, including being the first team to make the national championships in program history. Even with this achievement, many people do not know about the program, let alone where the team is located on campus. Here we offer you the first hand experience to where all the magic happens for the UK gymnastics team and take you through the team’s training facility, locker room, lounge, leo closet and Memorial Coliseum , where they compete.

Alaina Kwan, Photographer

Jericho Curry, Editor