Sonic The Hedgehog in 360

Karlil Wilson


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For this article submission I chose to review something that I actually am interested in. I am interested in and love anime. Anime is a passion that I have and I someday hope to work for a company like funimation or toei animation. The anime I chose to review is Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic the Hedgehog is anime whose video game franchise took over his existence. I grew up watching and playing Sonic the Hedgehog so it was really cool for me to experience something like this in 360.

The producers and publishers of this video was Sasso Studios. This company focuses purely on Sonic animations. They posted this production on their YouTube channel. Their channel has a little under 250,000 subscribers and the video itself has well over 4 million views. They also had a little over 25,000 likes on the video but also had a little under 2,000 dislikes.  I think the piece was successful based on the number of views, likes and the number of positive comments I saw on the video. Most of the comments were people who were surprised that something like this was even possible and were trying to understand how it was done.

This video was only one minute long so there was only one storytelling technique that they used was the introduction technique. Their strategy was to introduce the intended audience of what was going on at that exact moment and have the audience try to imagine what would happen after the introduction. This technique in m opinion was very successful because after the video ended abruptly, I was wondering what was going to happen next.

The story was about how the main character Sonic and his friends Knuckles and Tails working on an invention in a garage. Tails being the engineer of the three man team, built a robot and named him Metal Sonic. The robot was supposed to be just like Sonic. Everything between the two was supposed to be similar and in some ways Metal Sonic could even be seen as superior. The purpose of Metal Sonic was to help them fight off their enemies in any future battles.

The story sort of had a structure. The video wasn’t long at all so it was hard for them to even have a story structure. The story structure went from a beginning introduction and then a cliffhanger. Tails introduced the new invention with confidence. Sonic was very skeptical about the project but willing to give it a chance but Knuckles was not confident in the project at all. Tails ordered Metal Sonic to shake Knuckles hand and once Knuckles reached his hand out, Metal Sonic went out of control. The robot flew around in a craze until eventually Knuckles punched him and he finally stopped and shut down. After that, the video ended.

The video did use a bit of emotion. The emotion this video used was excitement and wonder. While experiencing this video you get a sense of adventure which helps progress the excitement emotions. It was very experience driven. In this 360 video, you were metal sonic. You got to look around and see your environment. You were able to see the different emotions of the characters. You got to actually experience the struggle of the characters trying to shut you down while you were going haywire.

I do believe this video was appropriate for VR. It gave Sonic fans and fans a great interactive, adventure and action-packed experience. The only weakness of this story was the cliffhanger at the end of the video, other than that, it was an amazing experience.

CollegeHumor’s Inside Abraham Lincoln’s Oval Office (in 360!)

Karlil Wilson

Article/Blog Submission 1

JOU 497


I decided to do my blog post on a VR YouTube video by college humor. This YouTube video was about the history of Abraham Lincoln and his decision to create the Emancipation Proclamation. The producers of this content is College Humor. College Humor is a comedy website that is also known for its very popular YouTube channel. Their website includes articles that are published by their writers and production team. Collegehumor’s intended audience as just as it says in their name, college students. Their videos are all comedy based and can range from just pure comedy or an informative video with a very comical twist. The piece that I watched was somewhat successful and viewers kind of felt back and forth about it. The video had over 250,000 views and had a little over 4,000 likes but it also had over 1,000 dislikes. In the comments section, most of the comments that I read were really negative. I saw different comments such as a “waste of time,” “confusing,” and “hard to follow.”

In their video, college humor used their own version of storytelling and VR techniques. The VR technique that used was camera positioning. The camera was positioned in the middle of their set which was the oval office. With the 360 degree camera, viewers are able to see every possible spot inside of the oval office. We could see every character, what they were doing, how they were moving and every reaction they had to what was going on in the five minute video. Viewers can see everything happening on the side of the camera, in front of the camera, below the camera and above the camera.

In this VR video, the story was about Abraham Lincoln and his idea to create the Emancipation Proclamation that would allow slaves to become ⅗  of a free individual. College Humor broke down the mindset of everybody involved back in that time when this decision was made. I watched the video a few times and it was very somewhat informative. At first I did agree that it was hard to follow but I had to understand what College Humor was trying to do. They were trying to simplify the situation as much as possible as well as try to be funny.

The story structure was a basic beginning, middle and end but it left a twist with it as well. At the beginning, Lincoln was informed that the southern states wanted to secede themselves from the United States because Lincoln wanted to free all of the southern slaves but to cover up their real reasoning they made the argument about their states not having equal rights as the Northern states. In the middle is when the north and south had the war. After the slaves were freed Lincoln never made a decision of how the newly freed slaves will have equal rights. At the end Lincoln was killed and the next President stepped up and it was never figured out.

The different characters were Lincoln and supporters of the north, the southern opposers and the newly freed slaves that were just wandering around Lincoln’s office. The characters that drove the story were the slaves because they were describing everything wrong with the southerners mindset and they were also kind of helping Lincoln come to a conclusion about what needs to happen after the Emancipation. The video used emotion because it showed frustration that each opposing side while trying to come to a consensus. I’m not really sure if this was VR appropriate or not. The only weakness I saw in the story was the fact that the video was hard to follow.