Post Malone – “Better Now” in 360°

Post Malone is an influential American Songwriter and Singer who is well known for his multitude of hits! I previously watched Post Malone – “Better Now” in 360°. This video was published by Post Malone and filmed by MelodyVR. The concert was filmed live in Dallas, TX at The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory. He played the concert in his hometown, which is why he decided this was the show he wanted to film in Virtual Reality. This video has already received 301,584 views, and has only been published since October 4, 2018. The intended audience for this video were fans of Post Malone, because the video allows you to get so close to Post Malone it makes you feel like you are front row to his concert. This was a great video to give you a feel for being at the concert, but the video quality and audio was lacking unfortunately, which took away from the film.

Post Malone – “Better Now” in 360° tells a story by giving an interactive form of one of his top hits played in concert. This story starts out with an intro of Post Malone stating the song that is about to be played (beginning), then you are taken through a few different angles where you can see the entire 4,000 people audience and you can physically see the emotion Post Malone gives while singing the song Better Now (middle). Then the story ends with him telling the audience goodbye and thanking them for allowing him to sing for them. The camera only has a few changes of camera placement because it allows the audience watching the video to take in the information rather than giving motion sickness by physically following the artist around while he bounces throughout the entire stage.

The cast in this story consists solely on the audience in the crowd and Post Malone himself on stage, the audience helped drive the story along because of their enthusiasm and love for the artist on stage. The emotion was clearly seen from both types of characters. Post Malone shows passion for the song he is singing and the audience he is able to share it with during his concert. This video was mainly experience driven because you have to love and appreciate the artist to be able to like this video. I say this because the storyline is obvious, it’s trying to give you the feel of actually being at Post Malone’s concert, but if you do not like the artist this video would be less appealing for the lack of narrative and location. Although, I still feel like this was a great example of 360 VR, but I think the quality and storyline could have been improved. I feel like this video would have been perfectly executed if we were able to hear from Post Malone before the concert had started and after. The shots were more or less the same and didn’t change the viewers perception very much. This was the biggest weakness of the video, but it can easily be executed again with more commentary and a background of his story.

Goat Yoga in 360

This video takes you on a journey to experience Goat Yoga in 360 Virtual Reality. The company that helped the University of Kentucky put on this amazing event is called Original Goat Yoga KY, and the goats travel from Flat Rock Farms in Henry County, Kentucky to be the stars of our show. This yoga session is made to create laughs in a fun atmosphere compared to ordinary yoga. These goats are not fearful of getting up-close and personal, so you shouldn’t be either. Now get ready and enjoy the show!

Video and audio is Marissa Pantoja. Editing is by Elly Chappell.