Black Friday in 360

Ready to experience the craziest day of the year in 360 degrees? This is a video of Black Friday set in Louisville, Kentucky.  This is the day that parents line up for miles to buy presents for their children and suffer through crowds to receive the best prices of the year. Now come enjoy this journey of Black Friday shopping with me!

DESTEK V4 VR Headset vs. VR Headset Homido V2 Review

I will be comparing the DESTEK V4 VR Headset and the Homido V2 Headset. The reason I chose to compare these two virtual reality headsets is because they are both very similar in price and durability according to Amazon (2018), but we will see if this is actually true. Customers want to know if they are actually getting the product they are reading in the description, which is why I will be looking in depth at both products.

DESTEK V4 VR Headset was released in 2017, and it is on the market for $33.89 on Amazon, but other companies vary within the $5 range of that price. This camera is made by DESTEK and is very affordable/ available among many websites. This headset is even cheaper if it is purchased without the Controller/ Gamepad. Yet the controller is a bluetooth controller that allows you to immerse yourself in arcade games! This headset also obtains Eye Protected Anti-blue Light HD Lenses to ensure safety while using them.

The Homido V2 Headset was also released in 2017 by Homido, and when I purchased the headset in August it was only $22, but since then the price has raised on Amazon and other websites to at least $31.98. This product is still very affordable either way, especially since it comes with a strap so you don’t have to hold the headset to your face. I was also very pleased that the headset came with a case and cloth to keep it clean.

Since, I personally own the VR Headset Homido V2 I was able to see the headset for myself, and it is more compatible for all smartphones because of its easy phone adjustment. It also obtains adjustable lenses to get as clear of vision as possible in the virtual world, plus it is comfortable to wear since it also has an adjustable strap. The cons of this product is that I realized it still gives a blurry look to the highest of quality videos and there are no standard control system. Although I do think you are getting what you paid for!

The DESTEK V4 VR Headset is known to have pros such as being AR compatible, easy focus adjustments and to be also extremely comfortable to wear, but it does seem to have some cons such as its design flaws because there is some light leak and the clamp doesn’t always work to its best ability (Sean, R., 2017).

DESTEK V4 VR Headset and the Homido V2 Headset are both used in the same way, you place your phone inside the plastic covering in the front and then put the headset over your head. You must make sure the video you are watching is set to VR mode, because if not you will not be able to see the video very well and it could make you nauseated. I see this product being used for anyone that is wanting to start learning about virtual reality but is unaware if they should purchase an expensive, high quality headset. Although, both of these headsets seem to have great quality for the price they are currently at, so either way you can’t go wrong!

After research, I would say you get more for your money with the DESTEK V4 VR since it comes with more features and tangible items. Although this headset is meant for augmented reality. If you are just looking for a decent headset to watch only VR videos on, but are not looking to spend a ton of money I would definitely recommend buying the Homido V2 headset.


Boyd’s Orchard in 360

This video takes you on a new journey to experience Boyd’s Orchard in 360 Virtual Reality. This is the hot spot for the Fall season in Versailles, KY. Boyd’s Orchard is a family owned farm where you can experience activities such as digging into yummy apple cider donuts to picking pumpkins and petting sweet animals! They also provide haunted hayrides and other fun spooky October activities that lead up all the way to Halloween. So come along and get ready to take a ride with us in 360 around the farm! You won’t regret it!

Video and audio is Elly Chappell. Editing is by Marissa Pantoja.


Coachella VR 360: Weekend 1 Friday Highlights Review

I will be reviewing Coachella VR 360: Weekend 1 Friday Highlights. This is a music festival that started in 1999 in Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. Attendance at this music festival round to about 250,000 people and the music ranges from Indie to EDM. Coachella is one of the most expensive music festivals in the country, so the concerts are filled with celebrates from all around the world! This video has only received 80,802 views since it was posted, so I suppose it was not promoted correctly considering it is a very appealing video. This video was created and published by Coachella’s YouTube account and personal videography staff that was hired for the event.

This video is a great representation of storytelling because it starts off with a man that has been going to Coachella every year since it started in 1999. He explains his experiences with the music festival, and the logistics of it by using a voiceover method when the camera leaves his face to show the crowd lining up to enter the festival. Then the crowd of people start shouting “open the gates” and this is the segway into the climax of the 360 video.

The video is filmed and edited into a fast motion process so the viewer is able to experience the entire day 1 at Coachella in less than 3 minutes. The video exhibits different angles and positions of the concert stages, acrobatic shows, camping grounds and fairgrounds. This tactic protrays the impression that you are actually at the concert and apart of the crowd of people dancing and having fun at the music festival. The only disadvantage to the video, is that it lacks an ending to the story. It stops very abruptly at the end. I think it would have been more effective to have the man in the beginning, also end the video by giving a few words of why people should attend Coachella. 



The cast in this story consists of the audience in the crowd, the man who begins the video and the acts preformed at Coachella on the variety of stages. The audience helped drive the story along because of their enthusiasm and love for the artists on stage. The emotion was clearly seen from all of the types of characters. The performers exhibited passion for the songs they were singing and dancing to, and the audience was able to share it with the performers during concerts by singing along. This video was mainly experience driven because you have to love and appreciate the artists and the atmosphere of the festival to be able to like this video. I say this because the storyline is obvious, it takes you through a day at Coachella, but this would be a great video for people that have never been to the music festival. It gives the intended audience a feel of actually being at Coachella which would help to make the decision if they would like to buy a ticket or not.

This video was very appealing and a great use of 360 VR because of the location and narrative of the story. I loved how it did not matter where you looked with the headset on, there was always something interesting to see at Coachella! The shots were thought out and executed perfectly.


Goat Yoga in 360

This video takes you on a journey to experience Goat Yoga in 360 Virtual Reality. The company that helped the University of Kentucky put on this amazing event is called Original Goat Yoga KY, and the goats travel from Flat Rock Farms in Henry County, Kentucky to be the stars of our show. This yoga session is made to create laughs in a fun atmosphere compared to ordinary yoga. These goats are not fearful of getting up-close and personal, so you shouldn’t be either. Now get ready and enjoy the show!

Video and audio is Marissa Pantoja. Editing is by Elly Chappell.