DJ For a Day with 88.1 WRFL

Ever wondered about what it’s like to be a DJ? When I tell people that I work at 88.1 WRFL they ask, so what do you do? Step behind the turntables with our show The Scoop With Mike and Coop as we show you how much fun our job is!  So come hang out at the new 88.1 WRFL studios with us, enjoy some some good music, and hop on air for an interview!


Going WithinVR on iOS

WithinVR was founded in 2014 by Chris Milk, and Aaron Coblin creators of Google’s Data Arts Team. They’re a company primed for success, and partnered with several large companies like Apple, Google, Sony, HTC, Fox, and LiveNation. Their investors include 21st Century Fox, Raine Ventures, WME, Live Nation, Vice Media, and Tribeca Enterprises. WithinVR is partnered with strong content producers, and promoters. One of the easiest ways for them to reach people is through their iOS App which is well put together, and better than other apps I had considered reviewing like FoxSportsVR, and NextVR Now.

The company WithinVR uses a variety of original content, and content from their contributers, investors, and news outlets. For example, they use New York Times VR stories frequently especially for their behind the scenes stories. Within also takes on personal contributors and their works as well, and other companies like Waffle’s “Dessert Island” featuring Conan. Waffle is an animated Virtual Reality producer. Dessert Island’s- Stop Hammock Time is attached below,  and for iOS you should download WithinVR here  !

The pictures from the home page  are easily accessible and their presentation exhibits free, and premium content. The home page is easy to navigate with recent and topical content based around their “Fright Fest” as shown below. You could see that as a con depending on the user, I liked the themed content around the holidays but that could definitely scare off a younger user.

Category based- the app is easy to use too and has a wide range of up to date content. It’s easy to use and is well segmented once you access the menu features in the top left of the app. This is great for users that’re less acclimated with the app or are looking to browse or discover content. The app has easy access for frequent users downloadable content too for offline usage. Love their presentation as illustrated below.

With strong marketing and pushing content to more users this can be a great medium for new VR users to get into content with, and can be a great way for current VR users to navigate new and topical content. The content is varied too, from imaginative Sci Fi, Animated Comedy,  Music, and Animation.

I loved the Hallejujah video (which is in app only) and the and the “I Saw the Future” video. “I Saw the Future” is offers a futuristic view while quotes from Arthur Clarke narrate our growth as humanity, evolution, alien contact, and where we’ll go now.  The video is imaginative, well produced, exciting, and crisp. This video is one of my favorites I’ve watched this year. It was created by Francois Vautier and I’ve attached it below.

Most importantly this app shines by its diversity and stellar media. They have many different genres and areas of entertainment covered, and produce prominent media- and are well rounded for the casual virtual reality viewer, to the oculus pro who likes to be scared out of their mind, and the imaginative mind who daydreams of something different or abstract. This is a great app for VR users 13+ and it represents different tastes for varied users extremely well. The only issues are the difficulty embedding because of the website, and the lack of a YouTube, or a channel where people who aren’t familiar with the app can see the videos. I would recommend it to my friends who are trying to get into VR, but don’t know where to start because of its ease of access, and premium content. 9/10.


The Blue Angels Give You Wings

Hit the runway at a cruising speed as the blue angels zip over a marsh. Holding tight formation, our narrator talks of the parade pass- a formation the angels assemble into placing the jets less than 6 inches away from each other! The Diamond 360 turns the formation of four planes into a clean formation that acts and moves as one. Using voice inflections, and code words our narrator directs his unit of four planes.

Feeling weightless, and flying over the marshland the viewer is placed as captain of the unit and guides his team. From the slot position you command a squadron of the most skilled fliers the United States has to offer. Now you can’t feel the 8 G’s of force against your body, but you can see the breathtaking flight patterns by our nation’s finest.


Choosing to do this video in Virtual Reality, was a fantastic choice. I was sitting in a computer chair while watching it and felt like I was a third pilot in the plane. Spinning around in the chair, I ended up being about 5 feet and facing the opposite way of where I started. The video’s immersiveness is spectacular, and unbelievable. The camera placement was wonderful, and useful to help the viewer be immersed in the flight. The camera set up used was a clamped stand between the primary, and secondary pilot.

The narrative process of the video works great due to the take-off, warm up formations, more advanced invasive flight patterns, then winding down by re-bunching in formations, and winding up together in back in a 360 Diamond. The story is experience driven- and due to its immersive nature it places the viewer in a wonderful experience of bliss that virtual reality can achieve. This type of form, and storytelling is why virtual reality’s imaginative power is so innovative. Placing a viewer in a world of wonder, and a scenario that they could rarely, if ever experience is one of the main reasons many find Virtual Reality so wonderful and expansive.


There were some weaknesses to the film, but the concept is strong, and the execution of USA today’s work is impeccable. The weaknesses I see are one sided narration, and the length of the video. Eight minutes is lengthy for the film and they could have accelerated some movements, but I didn’t recognize the time because I was transfixed in the work. It’s transformative video work, and a great subject matter. There was some tension, I was a little worried the wings would hit, or we’d stutter some, but the plane stayed remarkably stable.

When we talk about virtual reality taking people to a place of imagination, a place of wonder, and an exceptional experience. By putting on a virtual reality set, anyone can become Ace and Maverick in Top Gun. Much like a skydiving video, spacewalk, or a steampunk stunt driving video, USA today drops us into a fresh new experience and makes the video shine.

VR Tour of Jewell Hall

Future Wildcats! Welcome to the University of Kentucky! This is a Virtual Reality tour of Jewell Hall, a new dorm on North Campus at UK. There’s no better time to be a wildcat, so take a look at all the great things Kentucky has to offer! Edited and shot by Mike Turner and Kanisha Carter