Pandemonium through VR

Panda with Me is a VR story about a panda caretaker describes her days nannying pandas in Sichuan, China. The publisher is Liu Cheng’an. The platform is both for VR and AR, and the intended audience is for nature and animal lovers.

Panda cub

In this story, the storyline of the video is successful by following one person. The woman has been nannying baby pandas for 10 years. She tells the story of her career by telling us that in the beginning of a baby panda’s life, they need proper care. Especially taking care of twin pandas, which the mother panda couldn’t take care of them at the same time.

The story is solid. It is a documentary of pandas being nurtured by a panda caretaker who can help the mother panda taking care of her twins. The story uses a narrative structure by showing an introduction of the panda nanny. Then goes on showing how the nanny nurtures the baby pandas. At the end, the nanny tells us, once her career ends, she will miss the pandas and her colleagues will continue nurturing more of them.

The characters in this story is the nanny and pandas. They drove the story by showing us taking care of panda cubs is not that easy. Even though pandas look adorable and fun to look at.

The story uses emotion by showing the adorableness of the pandas. These pandas are so cute to look at that it makes me want to hug a baby panda and/or cuddle with an older panda.

The story is driven by the adorableness of the pandas and experienced by a panda caretaker, which is in the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding at Sichuan, China.

This story is appropriate for VR because it gives us the firsthand experience of pandas up close. Normally, in some zoos, where they have pandas, people aren’t supposed to get close to them. Putting this story through VR is exceptional. It gives us the warm and fuzzy feeling of panda momentum.

In the narrative part of the story, the nanny struggles taking care of the twin pandas. It seems that the nanny must take care of one panda before taking care of the other one. Taking care of twins is not that easy for one person or for a mother panda. It is almost the same thing with human mothers with twin babies. Seriously, the struggle is real when you are taking care of twin babies, whether they are humans or animals.

The storyline is strong; however, I see two weaknesses on the technical side of the story. One of them is the camera placement (picture from above). I believe the camera could move a little closer to the center where the tourists are standing, and a few inches or feet away from the wall. The camera here is standing too close to the trees.

Another weakness that I see is the extra video placement they used in this scene. Whether you are watching this through VR or AR, the videos they placed on this scene is way up high. The videos need to be eye level, so the viewers can watch them.