Farewell Grehan Building!

Farewell Grehan Building

The Grehan Journalism/Communications building has been the home to UK journalists since 1951. This building will go under renovations summer 2018. Occupants of this building will be relocating to Blazer August 2018. Students, faculty and staff will miss this building dearly. Farewell Grehan!

Ricoh Theta S App: Hit or miss?

Ricoh Theta S App: Hit or Miss?

By: Nailah Spencer March 5, 2018

What is it?

The Ricoh Theta S App is an app that is used to control the Ricoh Theta S camera. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this camera, the Ricoh Theta S is one of the latest cameras in 360 degree story-telling. I’ll insert a link to the specs of the camera. https://theta360.com/en/about/theta/s.html  

The Theta S App is an app that can be found in Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The app for smartphones allows you to shoot in remote control and to view the images that you are shooting. I’ll insert a link to the app downloads. https://theta360.com/en/support/enviroment/#RICOH-THETA-S

My experience

I had my first experience with the Theta S App in early February. I used the camera and the app to shoot a cooking demonstration at the University Kentucky.  Before I went to the cooking demonstration, I did a little research on the equipment I was using too make sure I was prepared when I went to shoot. I was fortunate enough, to be given a short introduction and tutorial on how to use the camera and the app by the technology coordinator at my school.

After a quick 30 minute lesson, I ran over to the location to shoot the cooking demonstration, set up all of my equipment, stepped out of the shot and hit record on the app. Everything was going well at first, but it quickly went down hill. The first issue I had was with figuring out whether or not the camera was working. About five minutes into using the app, it stopped recording.  I eventually had top stop recording all together because it kept recording and stopping.

When I went to look at my footage it was choppy. I struggled to make the footage in to a story. I had to change it around a lot to make it make sense. I also had a difficult time take the footage off of the app. Instead of using the app to get the footage, I had to manually take it off of the camera.


  • You are able to use the app to record.
  • You can change the the point-of-view on your camera with the app.
  • You can download your footage off of the app.
  • The app can be used as a remote control for the camera.


  • The app isn’t user-friendly for people that aren’t tech savvy.
  • It’s difficult to connect your camera to the app. (Read instructions carefully)
  • The camera cuts off randomly.
  • It is difficult taking the footage off of the app.

Hit or Miss?

In my opinion, the Theta S app is a hit that just barely misses the bar of living up to its full potential. It’s not very user-friendly. There are a few kinks that need to be worked out. I like the idea of using your device (phone) as a remote control for the camera, but it would be more beneficial if it consistently worked.