The Yahoo Falls Massacre

My VR story is about the Yahoo Falls massacre. This is a story that is not well known and you’d have to do some individual research online to learn more about it. I take you to Yahoo Falls which is a fairly known waterfall in Daniel Boone National Forest in the Cumberland Valley of Kentucky. In the 1800s this area was occupied by Native Americans. The Cumberland River Valley Cherokee tribe was offered education and asylum by Reverend Gideon Blackburne, who was a friend of Indian tribes in the area. It was arranged by Princess Cornblossom, who was the daughter of the war chief at the time, for everyone to arrive at the falls and head East toward Chattanooga around midnight. In Chattanooga they had schools catering toward Indian children and housing waiting for them. On August 10, 1810 John Sevier and others fighting under the United States War Department arrived at the falls and shot the women and children below them. Although there is no official documentation, this story has been published online in passed down verbally from generation to generation. For more specific details on this story check out this link :

Gaara AR Lens

For my AR Snapchat lens I decided to pull inspiration from one of my favorite TV shows, Naruto. My all-time favorite character is Gaara. He is shinboi from the sand village who has extremely great character development in the show. He marked himself with a bright red tattoo, the word love in Japanese, which is part of his mantra “a demon loving himself”. I had looked up Gaara tattoo lenses on Snapchat previously and have not seen any that I liked. The only one that was his actual tattoo was not placed right on facial anchor points, so even though this was a three bar complexity lens, I still found myself struggling but wanting to learn and eventually learning how to master this lens. I wanted to have a finished product that was something I’d use.

I found a PNG online of Garra’s tattoo outline. I decided to put that in Photoshop and apply a drop shadow. This particular effect was not something the other lens had. It was a very crisp PNG. I also added a motion blur on top of the outline to help it blend in with skin. When I exported the lens from Photoshop and brought it into Lens studio, I then changed the blending mode to multiply. Doing this helps the “tattoo” sit better and blend better overall! I’m very happy with how my lens turned out for my first time. I love the idea of making lenses for anime characters. There are countless number of characters out there all with unique face paintings.

AR in High Fashion

The innovation of augmented reality has resulted in many new ways for us to try new things and experiences. One example being how we try on clothes/choose clothing. I am going to go over two different ways the fashion industry has included augmented reality in their advertising resulting in more traffic toward their brand. Specifically I’m going to talk about two different augmented reality lenses/filters. Dior, Gucci, and other high fashion brands have integrated the use of augmented reality into the shopping experience through virtual try-ons. For example, Dior has a set of filters for Snapchat and Facebook that allow users to try on accessories like hats or sunglasses. Gucci has a filter within the app that allows the user to virtually try on a pair of sneakers. Customers have the opportunity to see what a product looks like on them before purchasing. This is especially convenient for online purchases and big ticket items. The second type of augmented reality fashion experience is not necessarily a try on one, but an embedded 360 view of a product. For example Burberry began using Google search technology to allow customers to place a product in front of them and scroll their finger around to see different angles of the product. Burberry included larger accessories like bags and purses.

The majority of this information comes from a source called Electronic Runway which caters to peoples interested in fashion and technology. I think this use of augmented reality is very useful and functional for people into clothing. These items are luxury pieces and it’s very nice to see what something might look like on especially if you’re buying it online. I think this was a very appropriate use of augmented reality and quite creative. I think anyone into fashion or anyone who is buying a luxury item as a gift or for themselves would find this technology very useful.

I have linked here the Gucci app ( ) and some screenshots of the AR try on! To “try on” shoes and accessories simply open the app and select the “try on” tab on the opening screen.

From the Gucci App

360 Art Galleries

I decided to take my viewers into two different art galleries here in Lexington, Kentucky! The two I decided to film were Institute 193 and 21C Art Museum. Institute 193 prides itself in being within a creative Kentucky neighborhood. They wanted to bring a center for contemporary art to Lexington by hosting visual art expeditions. 21C rather is an art museum and boutique hotel. They have combined art and accommodation. These two places showcase art in different ways and because of that I thought this would be a great place to immerse yourself for a 360 VR video! I’ll give you some brief info on the 10 pieces shown in the video while you’re able to view the art. There are many galleries and art pieces here to pick from, but I stuck with 10 because if not the video could last forever! Enjoy!