Mars Rover AR Show and Tell

The AR application I used was embedded in Instagram, and took me through a doorway to mars, to see how the mars rover “Ingenuity” is able to fly. You start the AR experience by finding a “flat surface” for the doorway to spawn. I had a lot of difficulty in this part, as I tried pointing the camera at a lot of flat surfaces before one of them finally working. It wasn’t clear if I need a flat horizontal or vertical surface, and it took a lot of trial and error to find out what the program actually wanted to work. When the doorway appears, you walk through and are surrounded by the red planet mars. The rover is in front of you, and when you hit a button on the screen, it begins to fly and give more information about the rover. It was easy to see how the rover began take off, and the information was helpful, and not too much too fast. You are able to go at your own pace, and hit the next button whenever you like, or just keep watching the rover hover in place. It then began to tell me how gravity on mars and earth is different, and how that affects the rover. I was able to see first hand how gravity affected the rover’s descent, and how the thinner atmosphere made it take much longer for the rover to be able to fly on mars compared to earth. It demonstrated how these things affected the machine, cloning it with a blue wireframe line structure so you could differentiate the affects on the rover on mars, and the one on earth. Overall, I think this is a valuable experience in AR and has a lot of potential moving forward. The amount of information and demonstrations were really nice, and made it easier to understand the article. I can see how this concept could make harder to explain concept much easier for the reader to understand, since they have the option to experience it first hand.


Thomas T. 360 Video

Hey my name is Thomas Thoburn, and my 360 video is just a preview and explanation about how we conduct Super Smash Brothers tournaments at UK! With the construction of the new gaming lounge, the Cornerstone, it has become a lot easier for our community to have a space to play in. They have dedicated gaming areas, as well as a stage for the livestream of our tournaments. I explain a little bit how things work, and give you three different perspectives of the building! Hope you learned something about our fun little community!