Being the Best, like No One ever was

Pokémon is one of the biggest, if not the biggest piece of transmedia in the world. Which begs to differ why something like Pokémon GO took so long to come out in the first place. Pokémon Go when it first came out allowed the user to become a Pokémon trainer and brought creatures called Pokémon lose throughout the world. By going out in the world, and trying to collect as many Pokémon as you can, it is a fun and entertaining way to waste time. The game was designed so everyone who was a fan of Pokémon or Nintendo in general to enjoy a mindless Pokémon adventure with friends and family. Though it took off faster than anyone could imagine but for a time period when the game first released, everyone in the world was obsessed with this game. Even people who weren’t fans of Pokémon to begin with had this game downloaded.

Pokémon GO at its core is to bring a long a waited wish for all fans of the series, to bring Pokémon into the real world and allow people to train and battle with each other whenever they so pleased. The game starts you off with a few Pokéballs and a choice to pick which team you would like to represent based off one of the three legendary birds: Valor for Moltres, Instinct for Zapdos, and Mystic for Articuno. After that it is smooth sailing and lets you explore the world of Pokémon. By walking your neighborhood, there a locations called Pokéstops that allowed a user to walk past it and rewards players with Pokéballs and other goodies to allow them succeed. These Pokéstops we reusable as well so as long as one came back after a certain time frame, they could continually be rewarded at the Pokéstops. Another huge mechanic is Gym Battles. Unlike in the main line games, Pokémon Go allows the player to be a gym leader and place one of their strongest Pokémon as a challenge for anyone that is willing to face you. It is a brand new experience for long term fans and allows you to compete with others around your neighborhood. It is a cool mechanic and it is a shame that it hasn’t been replicated yet into mainline Pokémon games. There are even events where you take a whole party of players and battle it out with one of the many legendary Pokémon in a chance to grab one of your own.

The AR that is established in Pokémon Go is nothing too hard to understand but works very well. It is a combination of using Google Maps/Earth to track ones location and using one camera to find and collect Pokémon that are littered all around the world. Each in their own unique location and landscapes. It was very easy to use and the AR mechanics weren’t overly complicated or complex. It was very easy for anyone to use and provided a good amount of entertainment for all. It was so entertaining that people wouldn’t take their eyes off their phone. This kind of lead to some issues of not looking where you are going to the point where people were actually walking and getting hit by cars, breaking into people’s property to capture a Pikachu, etc. This could be considered human error and not something that the game could control but other than the spawn location for each Pokémon, there wasn’t any groundbreaking issues in this game.

Overall the game is very entertain and I highly suggest checking it out, especially if you are a Pokémon fan like yours truly. The game is available on all devices on each of their own app stores for free.

‘Pokemon Go’ Creator on Augmented Reality’s Massive Potential – Variety: This link lead to the article I found about the creator of Pokémon Go and the thoughts on AR and their game.

The Complete Beginners Guide To Pokemon Go (Everything To Know) – YouTube: This is a guide to help new players out in the game for any that are interested.