Best VR Gaming Apps of 2018

VR is a rapidly growing medium in the gaming world. Every year we get closer and closer to a totally immersive gaming experience. This year at the International Consumer Electronics Show there were hundreds of products that will soon be flooding the market. Everything from VR/AR goggles all the way to haptic gloves that allow you to touch. However, with brand new products on the market come extremely high prices. Fret not! You can get some VR experiences right on your smart phone and an exceptionally cheap headset!

Two of the best VR gaming apps I’ve experienced are Zombie Shooter VR and Google Expeditions both in the Android and iOS app stores absolutely free.

Zombie Shooter is an immersive shooting game that puts you in a post-apocalyptic world. It tests your speed and reaction time. When you put on your headset you can choose your weapon and begin the game almost immediately. To shoot the zombies you simply look at them and (I do a little head nod but I don’t think it’s entirely necessary) and the gun will shoot at whatever your target is. The game is not as easy as it would be on the PC, however it is immersive enough to give us a feeling of what is to come in the future as VR and smart phones become stronger. The app implements a freemium system. During the whole trial period, you can play absolutely free!

Google Expeditions is a virtual reality teaching tool that lets you lead or join immersive virtual trips all over the world. It allows the user to get up close to historical land marks, dive under water with sharks, and even visit outer space. It’s built so that classrooms and small groups could use it as a teaching tool. It allows teachers to act as guides to lead the classroom through collections of 360 and 3D images. There is a growing list of over 200 expeditions and each one is a curated set of VR imagery along the way.

For all VR apps, it is best to use a VR headset of some sort. The Google Cardboard viewer or even a headset from amazon should do the trick. This will allow people to experience VR without breaking the bank. When VR goes mainstream it’ll be as simple and as cheap as any other mainstream device.