Behind the Scenes of UK’s ‘Amateur Hour’

The student-produced University of Kentucky sports news show called “Amateur Hour” shows off what students are able to do on camera. What viewers see, however, is only half of the action. There’s a whole other side to the camera as students work behind the scenes to make the show happen.

In this 360 video, UK students Caitlin Ferkile (director) and Thomas Story (audio technician) talk about their responsibilities on set, what they learned through producing the show and what future students should expect while behind-the-scenes shots give you a glimpse at the work in action.

A 360° Music Video

This 360° music video features a jam session with three local musicians. My original plan was to use a full band and one of their original/cover songs. Unfortunately, they were unable to dedicate to a scheduled date, so these three artists unified for a one-time session at the Racquet Club apartment complex to help me complete the assignment.

I decided early on to use this video as an experiment, combining a 360° camera with the movement of a handheld jib/crane. The GoPro plugin ‘Reframe’ allowed me to overcapture the footage meaning I could edit the 360° video in a normal 16:9 rectangular format. This made the post-production work mainly maneuvering the camera angle’s pan and tilt via keyframing in tandem my handheld crane movements. Feel free to leave a comment below on what you think might need improvement moving forward with this format!

Special thanks to Dylan Jeffery, Andrew Brockman, and Zac Shoopman for their musical talents featured in this 360° music video.
You can check out more of my work and theirs at:

The GOAT Farm 360 Video FINAL

In this 360 video, viewers are transported onto a goat farm where there are 42 goats in total. They will get a tour of the entire farm and learn about the goats and what it takes to own them. Viewers will even get to be at eye level with some of the goats and will get the chance to see a baby goat being bottle fed. Not many people get to experience what it is like to live and walk around a goat farm, but today is your lucky day! Although, viewers won’t be able to smell the goats, I think with a little imagination they will get the idea. Thanks for watching!

The Yahoo Falls Massacre

My VR story is about the Yahoo Falls massacre. This is a story that is not well known and you’d have to do some individual research online to learn more about it. I take you to Yahoo Falls which is a fairly known waterfall in Daniel Boone National Forest in the Cumberland Valley of Kentucky. In the 1800s this area was occupied by Native Americans. The Cumberland River Valley Cherokee tribe was offered education and asylum by Reverend Gideon Blackburne, who was a friend of Indian tribes in the area. It was arranged by Princess Cornblossom, who was the daughter of the war chief at the time, for everyone to arrive at the falls and head East toward Chattanooga around midnight. In Chattanooga they had schools catering toward Indian children and housing waiting for them. On August 10, 1810 John Sevier and others fighting under the United States War Department arrived at the falls and shot the women and children below them. Although there is no official documentation, this story has been published online in passed down verbally from generation to generation. For more specific details on this story check out this link :


This Vr video took a lot of effort to create. I wanted the viewer to be the main character in the story instead of just a camera that is off to the side. In order to do this, I had to create a way for the viewer to feel like an actual person instead of a tripod. I wore a camera on top of my head when filming so it looked like the viewer had my body. This makes it feel more real versus looking down and seeing a tripod.

This film takes you through the experience of witnessing a crime and shortly falling into a coma. A detective and a doctor are trying to figure out who did the crime and they need your help. They have created this new technology that allows you to relive your memories, and they want to use this to help solve the case. Will the technology work? Or will there be something else holding the viewer back from helping them out?