Spooky Story

This was my attempt at making a horror 360 video. I think it turned out decent but I definitely learned a lot from it.
Spend the night with two campers as the try to spend a quiet night in the woods.

DJ For a Day with 88.1 WRFL

Ever wondered about what it’s like to be a DJ? When I tell people that I work at 88.1 WRFL they ask, so what do you do? Step behind the turntables with our show The Scoop With Mike and Coop as we show you how much fun our job is!  So come hang out at the new 88.1 WRFL studios with us, enjoy some some good music, and hop on air for an interview!


Geocaching in 360

Geocaching is a worldwide subculture that’s had a steady community since 2000. In this video, Chase Campbell takes viewers through some of the geocaches he’s found during his time in Lexington.

Visiting Cincinnati With $30 (VR)

Traveling in a new city to explore and experience what makes it unique can be an exciting but expensive hobby. Therefore, I decided to challenge myself and drive to Cincinnati on budget. With only $30 in my pocket, I went to discover what the city had to offer. Is traveling a luxury solely for the high society or can it be an inexpensive pass-time for the common folk as well?

By: Nic Moore

Tour of University of Kentucky Libraries

You may have known about William T. Young Library, but did you know that William T. Young Library isn’t the only library on campus? There are nine libraries on UK’s campus. Follow me as we take a 360 video tour of all the libraries at the University of Kentucky. Matt Hasty filmed and edited this video.