Fort Myers Final VR

A tour of some of the local attractions in Fort Myers, Florida. It starts at one of the biggest attractions… Fort Myers Beach. Who wouldn’t want to be on a beach? We then move to a view from the ocean to Times Square. A place where people come to shop, listen to live bands and explore an island like experience. The final stop is Nature Park located which includes over 400 different species of exotic animals and an unclose look at some tortoises.


UK Hockey Midnight Madness

The University of Kentucky hockey team took on the DePaul Blue Demons on Friday, December 1st and Saturday, December 2nd. This video goes around the Lexington Ice Center, including shots in the middle of the crowd, next to where the players skate out onto the ice, and up high near the broadcasting table.

Keeneland Chaplain

Keeneland is a popular location for locals and tourists to enjoy the sport and beauty of the horse industry. The horse industry is full of various different roles and jobs that allow for it to exist, such as trainers, jockeys, and grooms. This video explores the role of a lesser-known position at the racecourse, their chaplain.

Ryan Petitt