Big Blue Madness

Photographer: Adam Smith

Editor: Brandon Hunter

The process of making this video was showing up the day of when the gates open for the fans to go inside and get Big Blue Madness tickets. We have a time lapse of the day from light to dark, fans playing corn hole and standing in line for raffle tickets and free drinks.

ScareFest 360 Experience

Virtual Reality coverage of the tenth anniversary of ScareFest, an independent local convention in Lexington, Kentucky that has grown into the largest of its kind in the nation. Come experience three days of paranormal celebration!

Editor: Tabitha Olatoyan

Photographer: Rafael Silva

Caturday Pregame Experience

This video takes the viewer through the events leading up to a UK football game. The experience includes tailgating, a live band performance outside the stadium, and fans cheering on the players as they enter the stadium.

Photographed by Kalie Marantette

Edited by Jacob Heheman

Wildcat Service Dogs 360

Wildcat Service Dogs is a student-run organization that raises and trains service dogs for their first year of life. In this video, the dogs are shown on a socialization outing at Target practicing noise desensitization, downstays, and walking next to wheelchairs.

By Anthony Crawford (photographer) and Hunter Mitchell (editor).