Hot Air Balloon Lens

This filter was created by Abbas Sajad

Abbas is a very talented illustrator and designer based in Sydney, Australia. He specializes in AR filters for different social media platforms. He created the Hot Air balloon lens on snapchat this past year. He has created AR lenses for Dixie D’amelio, Sportsbet, Absolut Juice, Sony pictures, and the United Nations. This lens was created for snapchat users, who want to enjoy the views of hot air balloons traveling above in the sky.

This filter is very cool because it allows you to see something that isn’t really there. When you move the camera towards the sky it reveals a bunch of hot air balloons flying. This filter is high quality because the hot air balloons only show up when the camera is pointed at the sky. It doesn’t allow the balloons to be flying around your room, so it makes the filter very realistic for the audience. The developer did a fantastic job creating this filter and making it really fun to use for Snapchat users.

This is very appropriate for AR because it is very difficult to see this in real life. This allows the viewer to witness something of great beauty right outside their home. This type of Augmented reality is very unique because instead of bringing the audience into a new world it brings the world to them. There are so many opportunities that this type of filter allows for different users on snapchat. If someone wants to create a movie scene with a bunch of hot air balloons in the background, they can for no price at all. It would cost a lot of production money to do something like this for real or with CGI. This AR video provides another way for filmmakers to use Augmented reality in their films. It allows them to have wilder ideas in their movie with a more attainable budget. This snapchat filter allows filmmakers to use all of their creativity without the bounds of money.

One weakness of the filter is the cartoony look of the hot air balloons. If this filter was used in a real scene rather than an animated one, it would look cheesy to the viewer. It has a unique look to it that is really fun for the viewer, but I would prefer it to be more realistic. It can be a little distracting when noticing the difference between the animation and video style.

Abbas Sajad’s Portfolio

Lens Studio page

Written by Matthew Dunlap

Testing the lens.

Screenshots of lens.

AR Blog Post Mario Kart Live

Background (publishers and for who the target audience is) Mario Kart live was developed by Velan studios and was published by Nintendo. They target audience for this game is ages 6 and up like most other Nintendo products. 

Is it a good use of AR why or why not

Mario kart home is a great use of AR because there is a certain popularity with Babel with being able to customize zero maps and races having different obstacles in your way being able to do different things when playing a game and just adding to unpredictability or being able to customize is something that a lot of gamers really like about games and with this you have the freedom to make a racing course however you want it you can you can add in a actual live obstacle i.e. a cat or a dog moving across a certain way or even a rumba cleaning do you still cleaning like the floor do you have that as an actual object obstacle in the game making how you do your races more predictable and more fun because you don’t know what’s going to happen anything could happen this also allows you to make a recent course perfectly however you want it maybe you have like a favorite map in in a racing game but you want to be able to change the map to be a specific format for example myself within Mario kart I love the maps that are straight through there is no actual wrapping around where you will occasionally see the same thing three times instead you have a constant single wind race that can bend and twist however you want where you don’t end up looping around back to where you begin which in my opinion is amazing. What’s even cooler about this is even within making your own map ovaries there’s still various changes that can be made in a race through the means of AR like stage settings. There’s a winter wonderland like setting that allows you to put down glacier like structures and obstacles that you interact with via the kart. 


The weakness of Mario kart live home would be what services you can run like the actual carts on so something like carpet would not be very effective in running because the very wheels of the cards that you drive will end up getting stuck or they won’t move as effectively as they should in addition to that well it is not outright stated that the tracks that you build and make should be strictly indoor you can create outdoor ones however, the court some cells are more liable and easier to break being outside and you won’t be able to see the screen as well when driving or using the carts outside. And the vehicles that you operate our RC cars and they themselves are also very limited in how they can perform so steep ramps is one thing that would be hard to do within racing in the game.  Space is also a bit of an issue within the game since it’s recommended you have a 10X12ft open space. 


Disc Golf in 360

Disc golf is a beloved pastime of many. With an official formation in the 1970s, disc golf has spent decades bringing its players outside and giving them moments of recharge and activity. Having played disc golf for nearly one of those decades, Nic talks about why he enjoys it as one of his hobbies as he unwinds and plays at Veteran’s Park and River Hill Park in Lexington, Ky.

UK’s New Cornerstone Building

Check out the newest addition to UK’s campus, the Cornerstone Building. The facility is home to many of the school’s firsts, including the first microbrewery and eSports arena ever to appear on the campus. The building is already open to students and members of the Lexington community, with more of the promised features sure to come over the coming year. Dive into future of UK’s campus with this virtual tour!

Thomas T. 360 Video

Hey my name is Thomas Thoburn, and my 360 video is just a preview and explanation about how we conduct Super Smash Brothers tournaments at UK! With the construction of the new gaming lounge, the Cornerstone, it has become a lot easier for our community to have a space to play in. They have dedicated gaming areas, as well as a stage for the livestream of our tournaments. I explain a little bit how things work, and give you three different perspectives of the building! Hope you learned something about our fun little community!