Behind the Scenes of UK’s ‘Amateur Hour’

The student-produced University of Kentucky sports news show called “Amateur Hour” shows off what students are able to do on camera. What viewers see, however, is only half of the action. There’s a whole other side to the camera as students work behind the scenes to make the show happen.

In this 360 video, UK students Caitlin Ferkile (director) and Thomas Story (audio technician) talk about their responsibilities on set, what they learned through producing the show and what future students should expect while behind-the-scenes shots give you a glimpse at the work in action.

A 360° Music Video

This 360° music video features a jam session with three local musicians. My original plan was to use a full band and one of their original/cover songs. Unfortunately, they were unable to dedicate to a scheduled date, so these three artists unified for a one-time session at the Racquet Club apartment complex to help me complete the assignment.

I decided early on to use this video as an experiment, combining a 360° camera with the movement of a handheld jib/crane. The GoPro plugin ‘Reframe’ allowed me to overcapture the footage meaning I could edit the 360° video in a normal 16:9 rectangular format. This made the post-production work mainly maneuvering the camera angle’s pan and tilt via keyframing in tandem my handheld crane movements. Feel free to leave a comment below on what you think might need improvement moving forward with this format!

Special thanks to Dylan Jeffery, Andrew Brockman, and Zac Shoopman for their musical talents featured in this 360° music video.
You can check out more of my work and theirs at:

The Ghostly roomate.

Follow the story of a ghost helping his roommate not get robbed. In this video you will experience several camera glitches that show the ghost being active and messing around as he interrupts the robber from stealing from his living roommate. The video was recorded using the GoPro. The actors within this Film is myself (Stone Warfield) and my friend Kaleb.

Photoshoot in 360

Today I will be taking you along the journey of a photoshoot in the School of Art and Visual Studies. Containing the professional lighting studio, we will take a look around SAVS and head into the studio. The studio is only allowed to certain students to take in the experience while you can!

Disc Golf in 360

Disc golf is a beloved pastime of many. With an official formation in the 1970s, disc golf has spent decades bringing its players outside and giving them moments of recharge and activity. Having played disc golf for nearly one of those decades, Nic talks about why he enjoys it as one of his hobbies as he unwinds and plays at Veteran’s Park and River Hill Park in Lexington, Ky.