Photoshoot in 360

Today I will be taking you along the journey of a photoshoot in the School of Art and Visual Studies. Containing the professional lighting studio, we will take a look around SAVS and head into the studio. The studio is only allowed to certain students to take in the experience while you can!

Disc Golf in 360

Disc golf is a beloved pastime of many. With an official formation in the 1970s, disc golf has spent decades bringing its players outside and giving them moments of recharge and activity. Having played disc golf for nearly one of those decades, Nic talks about why he enjoys it as one of his hobbies as he unwinds and plays at Veteran’s Park and River Hill Park in Lexington, Ky.

UK’s New Cornerstone Building

Check out the newest addition to UK’s campus, the Cornerstone Building. The facility is home to many of the school’s firsts, including the first microbrewery and eSports arena ever to appear on the campus. The building is already open to students and members of the Lexington community, with more of the promised features sure to come over the coming year. Dive into future of UK’s campus with this virtual tour!

Security Check (VR 360)

This VR experience takes you through the night shift of two security guards on duty, when something strange happens…

Created by Matthew Dunlap