MANRRS Fashion Show: Behind the Scenes in 360

This video gives an inside look behind the scenes of the annual University of Kentucky MANRRS Fashion Show. It follows the schedule of the models on the day of the show and gives a brief look into what it takes to put together a successful production.

You get a chance to see the work that goes into walking down a runway. It is not as effortless as most models make it seem.

Shot and edited by Ivan Rome.

JOU 304 WRFL Lab

Broadcast Journalism students do not just learn about television news. An entire semester of their education is dedicated to learning about a different realm of broadcasting: radio. During their radio class, titled Journalism 304, students do large scale research and reporting projects throughout the semester. They research, produce, and write a 30-minute radio show that they have to cultivate an audience for, as well as in-studio guests.

The portion of the class I am showing you is part of their weekly responsibilities. Each week, students have a lab where they produce, write, and report the morning news during three different shows on WRFL, station 88.1. Sounds like normal journalism student responsibilities, but there’s a catch. Lab starts at 6am, and there are three different shows: a 7am, an 8am, and an 8:40am newscast. The professor asks that they switch up the content of each show, and rewrite stories so they sound different and improve throughout the morning. This video takes you into the life of a JOU 304 student on a lab day.

DJ For a Day with 88.1 WRFL

Ever wondered about what it’s like to be a DJ? When I tell people that I work at 88.1 WRFL they ask, so what do you do? Step behind the turntables with our show The Scoop With Mike and Coop as we show you how much fun our job is!  So come hang out at the new 88.1 WRFL studios with us, enjoy some some good music, and hop on air for an interview!


Geocaching in 360

Geocaching is a worldwide subculture that’s had a steady community since 2000. In this video, Chase Campbell takes viewers through some of the geocaches he’s found during his time in Lexington.