Mostly Unmitigated Dumpster Fire

The University of Kentucky Quiz Bowl Team is more than just a team – they’re like a family. Join them on a typical day as current and former officers talk to you about their love of both the game and their team. Produced, filmed, and edited by Megan Stinnett.

Kite Fest 2017

Experience Lexington, Kentucky’s annual Kite Fest in 360 degrees. Every year Lexington Parks and Recreation holds a kite festival to bring in families from around the region to enjoy the warm, spring weather. The kite festival offers live music, kite making classes, face painting, a petting zoo, inflatables, and more. Look around at the entertaining activities, or watch the sky as people fly their kites. April is national kite month, so what better way to enjoy, than in 360 video! Visit for future events in the Lexington area.

The UK Art Museum

A visual journey through the University of Kentucky’s Art Museum. The museum showcases the many talents of artists, old and new. This is a brief tour of what the University of Kentucky’s Art Museum has to offer. Admission is free to all.

Delta Zeta Philanthropy Dodgeball Tournament

Delta Zeta Sorority hosted its first ever “Dee Zee Dodge” dodgeball tournament as its spring philanthropy event. All proceeds raised from the event benefit DZ’s national philanthropy, Starkey Hearing Foundation. In the event’s first year, proceeds exceeded $2,500.

Starkey Hearing Foundation makes hearing aids for people with hearing disabilities or complete hearing loss all across the country. The women of Delta Zeta have had personal experiences with this foundation, and have had the experience being by people’s sides while they experience the ability to hear for the first time. Check out the dodgeball tournament that is starting up to raise funds for this great cause.

Silent Disco VR Experience

For this project, I took the camera to the Student Activities Board “Silent Disco” event. It was an interesting experience, and the 360 only adds to the effect. Curious as to what a silent disco is? See for yourself!

At the University of Kentucky, we are always changing things up. A silent disco is when instead of playing the music out loud, all the dancers receive a pair of headphones. The headphones receive the sound from all the DJs present, so you can change the channel and listen to a different DJ whenever you want.

We decided to cover this event in 360 to show the atmosphere of the party and put you, the viewer, right in the middle of it. Look around and see dancers, lights, DJs, and inflatables!