Alltech Brewery & Distillery VR

Alltech Brewing & Distillery Co. here in Lexington allowed us to tour their facility and create this experience. We even got to go behind the scenes where normal tourist don’t get to go – the huge refrigeration unit where all the bourbon is aged, the giant room where everything is bottled and canned, and the small room where the seasonal and limited edition flavors are created. This location is one of few in the world that is both a brewery and distillery.

Photographer – Zach Curry

Editor – Alex Wolf

Lennon Michalski 360

360 studio tour & interview with local artist Lennon Michalski, whose art is about the integration of technology with humanity and how this ends up changing us.

Michalski uses heavy transparent layering and unique methodologies in his contemporary paintings that give them a particularly vivid & surreal look unlike anything else.

Check more of his art out here on his Facebook page .

Background music: “Paisley” by Essex

Produced,  shot & edited by Jake Mannino.

Civil Rights Weekend Trip

30 other students and myself took a 4 day trip to Alabama, seeing the sights and places through the popular cities such as Birmingham, Montgomery, and Selma that were significant to the Civil Rights Movement. The 16th St. Baptist Church, Kelly Ingram Park, Downtown Montgomery, The State Capitol, and The Edmund Pettus Bridge are some of the popular sites seen in this video.

This experience was so much more than what I got to film but I definitely enjoyed every moment. Being able to watch it all come together was also really enjoyable. I hope you all enjoyed the video.

Kappa DoGs

VR coverage of “Kappa DoGs” – a philanthropy event hosted by the University of Kentucky’s Kappa Sigma and Delta Gamma chapters in support of the humane society. The event was hosted outside of UK’s “Willy T” library and allowed shelter dogs to get some love and play time with other student pets while hot dogs were sold and donations were accepted by the students.

Shot, produced, and edited by Harrison Stiles.