Warehouse Ghost

Our 360-degree experience involves a journey through a no longer used warehouse. The adventure places the user into the dark industrial scenery where you see and hear the creaky floors and graffiti art.

The audio soundscape makes the experience particularly spooky. Throughout the video, the user will get lost in this darkness while being haunted.

Dopamine Dreams


A psychedelic trip between a social gathering and one’s private space.

We wanted something similar to a music video.

In pursuing this, we realized we couldn’t do this the same way music videos are made in conventional film because it’s 360 VR. Thus, we had to ensure it was immersive; providing something much more than what a traditional 2D music video can provide.

We went about this by not only filming in an environment that was visually stimulating all around, but also by adding trippy visual effects in post-production.

Creating not just a music video,  but also an experience.

Tristian Suel, Debonair Murray & Jake Mannino.

Local music credit: “Real Fake Doors” by Mannino & Prof

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