Come listen in on a personal University of Kentucky Jazz Ensemble performance! The tune is called Manteca and is on the programming for this up and coming concert on April 11th, 2019. The band is directed by Dr. Raleigh Dailey in the 20 person big band! Sit back relax (or dance) and join us on this experience! Michelle Zhu did the videography and Eli Francis edited the video.

Tour of FoodChain in 360 Video

For our 360-video assignment, we decided to take a tour of the FoodChain. Abbie Long and I got the chance to personally look at the indoor aquaponics farm and other features, with the founder Becca Self. Becca Self showed us the unique process with their aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (growing plants without soil). In this video, you will see what it takes to grow their microgreens and raise 500 tilapias here in Lexington, Kentucky.

Photographed by Abbie Long

Produced by Chelsea Hobbs

Food Insecurity at UKY

In March of 2019, SSTOP Hunger held a student assembly to convince the student government to take action to stop food insecurity and poverty among students.

Filmed By: Nate Hernandez

Edited by Nate Hernandez & Abee Martha

A Glimpse into Art History at 21C

This video tells a story about the new theme of art at 21C museum. The new theme was titled New Generations.The video tells a story on three specific pieces of art that include depictions of childhood, adulthood, past, present, and future. The artwork of New Generations told a story of the power of potential and change in this generations. 

The Photographer for this assignment was Anna McAndrew
The Editor for this assignment was Sara Walker

UK Track and Field Meet in 360

The UK Track and Field team is back in action at the Black and Gold Invitational in Nashville Tennessee. Follow the team as they warm up for and compete in events. Kamilah Williams was the photographer responsible for the shots and sound. While  Brandon Jent was the editor and was responsible for editing the footage together. Make sure to take a look around and cheer on the Cats as they compete in one of the nations top track and field invitationals.