Visiting Cincinnati With $30 (VR)

Traveling in a new city to explore and experience what makes it unique can be an exciting but expensive hobby. Therefore, I decided to challenge myself and drive to Cincinnati on budget. With only $30 in my pocket, I went to discover what the city had to offer. Is traveling a luxury solely for the high society or can it be an inexpensive pass-time for the common folk as well?

By: Nic Moore

Tour of University of Kentucky Libraries

You may have known about William T. Young Library, but did you know that William T. Young Library isn’t the only library on campus? There are nine libraries on UK’s campus. Follow me as we take a 360 video tour of all the libraries at the University of Kentucky. Matt Hasty filmed and edited this video.

Black Friday in 360

Ready to experience the craziest day of the year in 360 degrees? This is a video of Black Friday set in Louisville, Kentucky.  This is the day that parents line up for miles to buy presents for their children and suffer through crowds to receive the best prices of the year. Now come enjoy this journey of Black Friday shopping with me!

Gatton Student Center Cats Den

Located on the bottom floor of the Gatton Student Center, the Cats Den is a recreational space that provides free entertainment for students. Here is a glimpse in to one of the many nightly events that the Cats Den offers— holiday canvas painting!

Lexington Halloween Parade

Welcome to the virtual reality tour of the Lexington, Kentucky Halloween Parade 2018! This VR experience will take you through all of the different aspects of the event. There is an art mart, where local artists can show and sell their work that a lot of them create specifically for that event. There is also a concert portion of the event that features local bands, musicians and other performance organizations like dance studios and theater groups. The parade is the big finale of the evening, with lots of spooky floats and treats to go around. There are so many different things to do, and so many different groups are involved in the parade that there is something for everyone to love. This event is fun for all ages and a great way to get ready for Halloween!

Editor: Grace Colville

Photographer: Ivan Rome