Chinese Tea Ceremony

This is a Chinese Tea Ceremony performed by a member of the University of Kentucky Confucius Institute UKCI on UK campus. Here she will explained the Chinese tradition of how to make the tea.

Photographer and Editor: Kanisha Carter

VR Final: Hurricane Harvey

This VR story focuses on a small neighborhood in Coldspring, Texas.  This neighborhood where my family resides is surrounded by water: one river and one dam.  When Harvey made its way through Texas, the water from the hurricane caused the water levels in the dam to rise high enough to cause the wall in the dam of Lake Livingston to be opened.  On one side of the neighborhood, the top of the damn was overflowing with water and on the other side, the water levels in the river were rising at a rapid pace.

In this video, we see the the aftermath of the flooding.  Many people’s homes had to be rebuilt, and some even left their homes behind due to the damage.  The street is half vacant due to the cost it would be to rebuild and remodel the homes that were damaged.  Even though over one year has passed, the effects of Harvey are still felt every day.

Emily Sprout

Spooky Story

This was my attempt at making a horror 360 video. I think it turned out decent but I definitely learned a lot from it.
Spend the night with two campers as the try to spend a quiet night in the woods.

Pass the Gender “Rolls”

This video showcases an event that was held on campus that partnered with the Martin Luther King. Jr Center sub circle groups: My Brother’s Keeper and Sister Circle that talked on the topic: Pass The Gender “Rolls”. Throughout the video you will see from start to finish of how the event took place while being educated on numerous topics.

Huntington Beach 360 Video

Ever thought about making a trip out to Southern California? Well this should help you make that little push. Experience one of Southern California’s greatest treasures, Huntington Beach. It is the “Surf City” of America and just experiencing this glimpse of it should make you want to take a trip.

Alaina Kwan filmed and edited this 360 video.