Food Insecurity in Ky

Produced by Nate Hernandez

Kentucky is one of the most food insecure states in the nation. Because of this, families and students have to choose between basic necessities just to get by. Spark Community Cafe is a non-profit restaurant that offers a “pay as you can” motto. Customers can chose to pay full or partial price for the farm to table food or they can volunteer to pay for their meals for their family. This is just one example of how Kentucky if fighting poverty. In the end, the biggest difference will be made through legal action.

Welcome to the Afterlife!

This is a story about death, well the life after death. In this story the user wakes up in what the narrator calls the afterlife. In this afterlife, you are talked to by an afterlife manager to help you in your time after death. This manager can get you as comfortable as possible. So sit back and enjoy your time!

Old Friends 360 Final

Old Friends is a Thoroughbred racehorse retirement facility were ex- medalist winning horses go to spend their retired lives. There are many renowned racehorses at this farm including past Kentucky Derby Winner’s Silvercharm and War Emblem. The farm attracts many people annually and continues to be one of the most prestigious Retirement farms for ex-racehorses.

Photographed and Edited by Sara Walker

Shallow 360 Audio Cover

This video is a cover of the song “Shallow” from the movie A Star Is Born originally performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, now performed by Elena Guerra, True Morse, and Stuart Morse. The idea for this story is to highlight the usage of the GoPro Fusion’s built in spatial audio software. This means the video has 360 degree ambisonic sound that makes the viewer feel truly immersed in the environment because the sound is tracked based on source locations during filming.

For more information on how to edit and process ambisonic sound through Premiere Pro, I recommend following this video tutorial

Chick-Fil-A Tour

This is a short tour and behind the scenes of Chick-Fil-A. The tour consists of shots from behind the counter and close to the food.