Moza Guru360 Air (Gimbal)

MOZA Guru 360° Air Camera Stabilizer


  • $799.00

Built for VR Cameras

The MOZA Guru360 Air is a 3-axis gimbal that is handheld. It is designed
for VR cameras to capture steady 360 videos. It combines
advanced stabilization technology, and intelligent software to bring you an immersive content in the VR world. With the same payload capacity, it works
well with all VR 360 cameras.


The Moza Assistant software app provides an easy control system. Which allows proper tuning and calibration right from your phone.


  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Mounts any VR cameras
  • No limits to capture at any angles



  • Gimbal Weight: 5lbs
  • Tilt Axis Rotation: ±360° continuously
  • Roll Axis Rotation: ±360° continuously
  • Yaw Axis Rotation:±360° continuously
  • Battery Life: 6-8 hrs

What Gimbals can do for you

For an awesome example of how this product works, check out this Gimbal Facebook video.



Best VR Gaming Apps of 2018

VR is a rapidly growing medium in the gaming world. Every year we get closer and closer to a totally immersive gaming experience. This year at the International Consumer Electronics Show there were hundreds of products that will soon be flooding the market. Everything from VR/AR goggles all the way to haptic gloves that allow you to touch. However, with brand new products on the market come extremely high prices. Fret not! You can get some VR experiences right on your smart phone and an exceptionally cheap headset!

Two of the best VR gaming apps I’ve experienced are Zombie Shooter VR and Google Expeditions both in the Android and iOS app stores absolutely free.

Zombie Shooter is an immersive shooting game that puts you in a post-apocalyptic world. It tests your speed and reaction time. When you put on your headset you can choose your weapon and begin the game almost immediately. To shoot the zombies you simply look at them and (I do a little head nod but I don’t think it’s entirely necessary) and the gun will shoot at whatever your target is. The game is not as easy as it would be on the PC, however it is immersive enough to give us a feeling of what is to come in the future as VR and smart phones become stronger. The app implements a freemium system. During the whole trial period, you can play absolutely free!

Google Expeditions is a virtual reality teaching tool that lets you lead or join immersive virtual trips all over the world. It allows the user to get up close to historical land marks, dive under water with sharks, and even visit outer space. It’s built so that classrooms and small groups could use it as a teaching tool. It allows teachers to act as guides to lead the classroom through collections of 360 and 3D images. There is a growing list of over 200 expeditions and each one is a curated set of VR imagery along the way.

For all VR apps, it is best to use a VR headset of some sort. The Google Cardboard viewer or even a headset from amazon should do the trick. This will allow people to experience VR without breaking the bank. When VR goes mainstream it’ll be as simple and as cheap as any other mainstream device.


Jaunt VR App Review

Jaunt Logo

Recently I was able to get my hands on the latest and (in my opinion) greatest app for VR. This app is called Jaunt VR from Jaunt Studios, it is available in the Itunes app store and the Google Play store, and costs absolutely nothing! This app is an all around news/entertainment source for all things VR. It allows you to go first person into sporting events, concerts, news stories, nature experiences, and more! to find out more about the app you can visit

Jaunts home screen


  • the app puts you into the front row seat for all of its experiences
  • the camera placement makes you feel like you are right in the action or the scene
  • high quality footage so no immersion is lost
  • app is very easy to navigate and explore
  • incredibly wide variety of content to explore
  • updated frequently with new content
  • Original content from Jaunt Studios specifically for VR storytelling
Jaunts camera position for a Paul McCartney concert


  • Literally none that I can think in my honest opinion this app nails it.

How to

As stated above this app makes getting into VR as easy as it possible could be. Once the app is downloaded from its respective store, it’s ready to launch and put you into whatever story you find yourself interested in. If you have a VR headset then with a press of a button you are in the world of your story. If you do not have a VR headset however the magic mirror option is supported by the app for simple handheld viewing

Who Might Use This App?

With this app the general audience is anyone that might want to have a different experience of the things they already enjoy. Jaunt is already partnered with companies such as: Disney, Fox, ESPN, LucasFilms, Royal Caribbean, and many more. Most of these companies have already started using Jaunt to make VR experiences as advertisements

three little pigs VR review

For this blog post, I decided to focus on the future of VR and its applications to children. As virtual reality technology becomes more prominent, we can predict that children will be getting specialized tech/software that is made specifically for them. This can assist with learning, entertainment, or behavior. For this assignment I chose to review the video “Three Pigs VR Story for kids” published on youtube by cTa VR Play. The video was published in 2016 and currently has 266,359 views.

This video takes the story of the 3 little pigs, where each pig builds a house out of a different material only to have the “big blue wolf” come and huff and puff and blow their house down, and lets the viewer navigate and watch as the story takes place. Now the first thing I noticed with this video is that you actually have no control over the viewer. No matter where you look, you still face the same direction. However, when thinking about how children use VR, I believe this is okay, as they might need less freedom and more restriction in where they can look to make the story effective. In kind of a “Dora the Explorer” fashion, the narrator asks the viewer to do certain tasks “Can you help find some straw?” and after a few seconds the camera will move over to the straw, and you get some sort of praise, “Spamtastic!”

We are introduced to each character, Spamela, Hamgelina and Baconetta, individually, and the story moves along after each pig has been foiled by the big blue wolf. We meet the big blue wolf only when each pig completes their house. The Big Blue Wolf is the character that really drives the story, because once he blows a pigs house down, we meet new characters, and the story can continue.



This story was more narrative driven than emotion, location, or experience, however I am not the target audience for this story, so a child’s answers might differ more than mine. However, we are only introduced to each character for a split second, and really do not get to know anything about them besides what materials they use to build their house. So this story just uses a classic narrative to move along.

I believe that this story was unnecessary for VR, and seeing that you are not in control of the environment/movements, I am not even sure if I consider this to be a virtual reality story. I understand that children may need assistance moving through virtual reality stories, however without them being in control of anything it is just watching a Youtube video very close to your face. I believe that there could have been option to control the environment, however, I believe the target audience for this video may be around the 2 year-old age group, so that is up for debate.

I believe that for what its worth this story is alright, it is something that you give your child to amuse them for a few minutes, and I’m sure all parents can appreciate that.