Newport, KY Aquarium in 360 Degrees

In celebrating 20 years since their grand opening, this video showcases some of the most attractive exhibits of the Newport Aquarium in 360 degrees. This gives viewers an idea of what they might see upon visiting while also telling the story of how the exhibits and creatures that inhabit them have changed over the years.

The Newport Aquarium is an aquarium located in Newport, Kentucky; it showcases thousands of animals from around the world in roughly 1 million gallons of water. The aquarium has 70 exhibits and 14 galleries, including five seamless acrylic tunnels totaling over 200 feet in length. Newport is home to the world’s first shark ray breeding program and the aquarium is currently in contention for a spot on USA Today’s top 10 aquariums in the nation.

The Confucius Institute at the University of Kentucky

YouTube: VR Jam Lab

The Confucius Institute is located on UK’s campus in the Lucille C. Little Fine Arts library across from UK’s College of Fine Arts. Not many students are aware of this facility and to help it gain more exposure, Sarah filmed an introductory video in 360.

The institute is a center for UK students and faculty to explore Chinese language, culture, and traditions. Inside, there are various Chinese elements such as traditional musical instruments and art. The premise of this program is to strengthen Chinese studies and serve as a gateway between China and UK.

Sarah was able attend a martial arts class and was able to capture it in 360. Martial arts is just one of the many community courses the center offers. There are tai chi, Chinese language, and traditional painting courses as well.

To enroll in these community courses or know more about the center, visit

Sarah was both the editor and photographer.

Waterfront Park in Louisville, Kentucky

This 360 video takes a look at one of the biggest attractions in Louisville, Kentucky the Waterfront Park. You will see a small part of the Big Four Lawn. This is where many concerts and events are held, rather its big names or local artist. The Big Four Lawn is famous for Waterfront Wednesday which are a big deal at the waterfront. Hundreds of people come out to enjoy good food, music, and weather.

It also shows the mini water park which is often filled with lots of kids running around and enjoying the cold water in the hot summer time. Take a look at the dock where many people dock their boats here during the summer, you will see many of the spaces filled with personal boats. Also look directly at the Ohio river, the bridges and Indiana’s side of the Ohio River.

Kentucky Aviation Museum 360 Experience

Spend some time discovering the great exhibits at the Kentucky Aviation Museum. Tour guide Tom Burch will guide you thorough the museum as he teaches and talks about some of the planes that are on exhibit. You really have a chance to gt up close and personal with some of these planes. Sit in a helicopter and become apart of the history on display. If you want to visit the Kentucky Aviation Museum you can find them at 4029 Airport Rd, Lexington, KY 40510. The Museum is open from Tuesday- Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sunday 1pm to 5pm. So make sure to enjoy your VR experience and get ready to take off. Brandon Jent was the editor and reporter of this story.

The Amsden: Versailles, Ky.

The Amsden is a newly renovated, old time, tavern and bank building, that owner Emily Riddle and her husband purchased in 2017. Riddle and her husband have turned this building into a multi-use space that is occupied by a coffee shop, a mercantile, a yoga studio, bourbon bar and photo studio. Come take a look around the coffee shop and mercantile while listening to Emily tell her story of how the Amsden came to be today.

Photographed and edited by Abbie Long