VeeR: VR Community

VR is gaining steam… among a niche market.  It’s hard to sell VR to the public because to truly experience it you have to put on a headset, only a few can or are willing to do this.  But that doesn’t stop the creators.  So how do the creators get their creations to their niche market (people willing to look silly in headsets)? Youtube and Facebook are of course options but there is still another, VeeR.  VeeR is a “360 VR video platform designed and built around social networking features.” They’ve been around since August 2016 but, if you’re like me this may be the first time you’re hearing about them… and perhaps with good reason.  VeeR is a noble idea, a free community for VR, where content creators can find and be inspired by other creators.  It sounds like a dream no more scouring youtube for 360 videos you simply log on and low and behold hundreds of editor picked videos show up instantly and an easy to use search feature as well as customization for your feed.  Where it breaks down is the app. The VeeR community is accessible through their website ( and a mobile app.  The website works well, or as well as a website for VR can. -At this current moment in time, VR is best utilized through a phone and headset.-  It’s disappointing that the app doesn’t work well, or at least not well for me.  Whenever I try to play a video on my ios device the app shuts down immediately.  

However, I have to assume this is not the case for everyone because I personally have a video ( on this site that has been up for a little less than a month and it has over 1,000 views.  And the reason I have over 1,000 views in less than a month is because I was featured.  I uploaded some test footage of the inside of my hamster’s cage to Youtube and then the next day I received an email.  The youtube video had around 10 views at the time I received the email asking permission to 1 create and account for me on their site and, 2 feature my video.  While there may be some playback error on certain devices I will say that their recruitment is impressive, they know who their audience is and they are not afraid to reach out to them.  I’d mark this young Chinese company down as one to watch for VR creators and I hope to see an update for the app because the website certainly is promising.

Below you will find the pdf they sent as an introduction to me.  This pdf includes more details on the company and their mission as well as links to some of their featured videos.

Introduction on VeeR VR

UPDATE: Tried the app on my roommate’s android phone and it worked perfectly.  One point for android!