Gaara AR Lens

For my AR Snapchat lens I decided to pull inspiration from one of my favorite TV shows, Naruto. My all-time favorite character is Gaara. He is shinboi from the sand village who has extremely great character development in the show. He marked himself with a bright red tattoo, the word love in Japanese, which is part of his mantra “a demon loving himself”. I had looked up Gaara tattoo lenses on Snapchat previously and have not seen any that I liked. The only one that was his actual tattoo was not placed right on facial anchor points, so even though this was a three bar complexity lens, I still found myself struggling but wanting to learn and eventually learning how to master this lens. I wanted to have a finished product that was something I’d use.

I found a PNG online of Garra’s tattoo outline. I decided to put that in Photoshop and apply a drop shadow. This particular effect was not something the other lens had. It was a very crisp PNG. I also added a motion blur on top of the outline to help it blend in with skin. When I exported the lens from Photoshop and brought it into Lens studio, I then changed the blending mode to multiply. Doing this helps the “tattoo” sit better and blend better overall! I’m very happy with how my lens turned out for my first time. I love the idea of making lenses for anime characters. There are countless number of characters out there all with unique face paintings.