Gear360 (2017 Edition) Review

Samsung Gear360 2017 Edition Review


Photo taken from Google Images on 11/20/17

This Samsung Gear360 is a camera that captures video and still images in 360 degrees. This camera is can be found HERE from Samsung for the price of $229.99.

The Pros:

With the right equipment to pair with this camera, the Gear360 becomes very easy to use. Inside the box we are given the 360 camera, a small carrying case, a charger, and a quick start guide. After I had charged the camera for about 30 minutes before my initial use the rest of the setup was as easy as downloading an application called Gear360. This camera does require a microSD card that is sold separately from the camera itself, but we will get to that later. This camera has 5 different modes to shoot in, 4K Video, 4K Photos, Time Lapse, Video Looping, and HDR Landscape. The camera has a very convenient and very tiny screen that informs the individual of what setting they are shooting in. Another thing that I fell in love with was how this camera automatically turns off after being idle for more then five total minutes, saving the overall battery life of the camera for longer shooting times.

The Cons:

This camera comes with everything that is needed to pick up and play except for the MicroSD card that is required to actually use the camera, this is not the problem as the only problem lies within how the MicroSD is inserted/removed from the camera. The slot is small, and flushed within the side of the camera, and my only knock is that it is so dang tough to pop out the tray that holds the MicroSD, its actually so tough that Samsung issues a warning statement acknowledging potential damage to ones fingernails when removing this tray from the camera altogether. I would have been happier with a suspension system allowing easier access to the microSD card itself. If using a Samsung device, it is convenient to not need to remove this card, but with another device people will find themselves accessing this MicroSD every time they need to upload content to their computer. The only other thing I would Have liked to see with this camera is access to directly plug the camera into a computer through the USB-C port allowing use to uplad files directly from the camera, rather we are forced to break our fingernails in order to put our content onto our workstations.

Photo taken from on 11/20/17



          This product is a great use for anybody, literally anybody. This affordable 360 camera shoots in 4K giving it the quality needed to be used as a professional camera. Individuals working for the New York Times or the Daily360 would find great ease when suing this product and still capture the clear images needed for professional work. Then college students who are looking for 360 cameras can pick up this Samsung Gear360 for a reasonable price and with a quick Bluetooth connection, these kids can be filming 360 video before they even get home from the store. Recording has never been easier as this camera has a button used to record and take photos directly on the camera, if you do not want to be in your shots, the Gear360 app allows for a viewfinder and a record button so that we can record our 360 videos and hide from our shots simultaneously. Set up the camera in the desired shooting place, click a button, and let the camera work its magic, it is that simple. For a great tutorial for how to stitch gear360 videos watch this YouTube VIDEO by LifeIn360 to get a better understanding of how the camera is used, examples of shots taken, and how to stitch within the Mac computer app Gear360.

The Verdict: 9/10


Price: 229.99 from Samsung (I found it on AMAZON for 162.90)

Availability: Available where all 360 Cameras are sold

Photo retrieved from on 11/20/17

This camera is very small and it is adorably cute on the outside, but this camera packs powerful 4K video recording and captures still photos in the same stunning 4K while offering a full 90 minutes of constant recording on only one full charge. If it were not for the tedious removal of the MicroSD card, this Gear360 camera would be the superior 360 camera on the market.