GoPro Fusion Spatial Audio Tutorial

For my second blog post, I’ve chosen to write tutorial on how to use spatial audio in the GoPro Fusion 360 camera. I utilized this feature while filming and producing my final project for the semester, in which I filmed an acoustic cover of the song “Shallows” from A Star is Born with a three part band. GoPro describes the spatial audio feature as an ability to keep a 360 experience as immersive as possible. If the video a user is watching used the spatial audio feature, it will keep the audio placed with the source, no matter which way the viewer is looking in their headset/magic window. For example, if someone is talking in front of the viewer, but then the viewer turns their head to the left, the audio will now be stronger in the right ear as opposed to being balanced like it was before. This is because the source of that audio is now to the right of the viewer. Doing this creates more accurate spatial awareness to the environment for the viewer.

As long as you are using a GoPro Fusion camera, this feature is incredibly easy to use. Just like the GoPro software is able to stitch 360 videos automatically, it is able to create spatial audio automatically as well. Once you film your clip, you’ll need to connect your camera to the GoPro Fusion software to get ready to render it. Once you’ve found your selected video and trimmed it to the section you’d like to render, click “Add to Render Queue” and a pop up window will show more options for your outputted video. These options include where you’d like to export your video to (I always choose editing so it just sends the file to my hard drive), the resolution, and your “preferred sound setting” this is where you click 360 Audio to ensure the spatial audio feature is used.

After this, all you need to do is click “create the render queue,” then “render all” in the bottom right corner, and wait for your video to be complete! To get the best understanding of the spatial audio, headphone or headset use is recommended so the audio is better placed.

I’ve included links to some videos I’ve found online that take advantage of the spatial audio feature, including the video GoPro links on their website that highlights the effect very well in a controlled anechoic chamber. I have also included a short rough edit clip of what we filmed earlier today to give a sneak peek on how I will be using the feature.

GoPro Fusion Spatial Audio Demo: Skiing