Hot Air Balloon Lens

This filter was created by Abbas Sajad

Abbas is a very talented illustrator and designer based in Sydney, Australia. He specializes in AR filters for different social media platforms. He created the Hot Air balloon lens on snapchat this past year. He has created AR lenses for Dixie D’amelio, Sportsbet, Absolut Juice, Sony pictures, and the United Nations. This lens was created for snapchat users, who want to enjoy the views of hot air balloons traveling above in the sky.

This filter is very cool because it allows you to see something that isn’t really there. When you move the camera towards the sky it reveals a bunch of hot air balloons flying. This filter is high quality because the hot air balloons only show up when the camera is pointed at the sky. It doesn’t allow the balloons to be flying around your room, so it makes the filter very realistic for the audience. The developer did a fantastic job creating this filter and making it really fun to use for Snapchat users.

This is very appropriate for AR because it is very difficult to see this in real life. This allows the viewer to witness something of great beauty right outside their home. This type of Augmented reality is very unique because instead of bringing the audience into a new world it brings the world to them. There are so many opportunities that this type of filter allows for different users on snapchat. If someone wants to create a movie scene with a bunch of hot air balloons in the background, they can for no price at all. It would cost a lot of production money to do something like this for real or with CGI. This AR video provides another way for filmmakers to use Augmented reality in their films. It allows them to have wilder ideas in their movie with a more attainable budget. This snapchat filter allows filmmakers to use all of their creativity without the bounds of money.

One weakness of the filter is the cartoony look of the hot air balloons. If this filter was used in a real scene rather than an animated one, it would look cheesy to the viewer. It has a unique look to it that is really fun for the viewer, but I would prefer it to be more realistic. It can be a little distracting when noticing the difference between the animation and video style.

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Written by Matthew Dunlap

Testing the lens.

Screenshots of lens.