Imagine Dragons 360 Music Video: “Whatever It Takes” Review

Last fall the band, Imagine Dragons, released a 360 music video of their hit song, “Whatever It Takes,” and it has received over four million views on Youtube. The video is the lyric version of the song and it takes place in another  geometric dimension. The video was produced by RMV Productions and created by Peter Reeve. Their inspiration for the psychedelic  video came from the band’s graphics they had already created for their album, “Evolve”.  The music video can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages, and I considered the video successful due to its superb quality and how the video was very interactive with the viewer. Plus, considering the 360 music video received over four million views, I would say the general public believed it was successful as well.  Imagine Dragons had also created other 360 music videos for their song, “Believer,” which received 120,000 views and their other song, “Shots”, which received over two million views on Youtube. I viewed the, “Whatever It Takes,” 360 music video in 4K.

The animated 360 music video was the lyric version of the song, and  the lyrics to the song were listed sporadically throughout the music video, in order to guide the viewer where to look. In the beginning, the viewer starts in a black space, as if it were space. White lights that look like stars come shooting through until the ground rose into blue geometric shapes moving in such a way to make the viewer feeling like they are flying forwards or backwards.The setting of the video almost seemed like it took place in some kind of cosmic reality which just so happened to resemble the artwork of the band’s album cover. The video then becomes interactive when the song begins, because the lyrics started to pop up throughout different parts of the video in order to navigate the viewer through the whole experience. The neat thing about this 360 experience was that no matter where the viewer looked, the setting stayed the same. However, if the viewer turned around the setting adjusted to the viewers perspective. For example, the viewer starts looking forward and seeing the lyrics right in front of them, but once they turn around their the words flip also in order to pertain to the viewers perspective. There was not a specific storyline, but it gave a very unique and interactive experience to the viewer, while transporting them to a different dimension.

There was not a cast of characters, or main characters for that matter. The viewer is immersed into the cosmic dimension alone, and remain alone throughout the whole experience. Even though the viewer remains alone, the video was still perfect for VR because the interactiveness of the lyrics and the movement of the video makes the viewer experience every part of the setting and make it really feel like you are in this trip reality.

The only weakness I found throughout the video was that there was no storyline. The viewer starts in the dimension and finishes exactly where they started. The lyrics of the song suggest there would be a motivating story throughout the experience, but that unfortunately never came about. It was cool to feel like I was in this cosmic reality, but that main theme stayed constant throughout the whole video, and for some it may eventually become boring and lack emotion from the viewer.

However, I still believe the music video was successful for VR and it allowed the viewers to enter an alternate reality while also learning the words to the song in a fun and interactive way. The different locations of the lyrics helped maintain my interest by being able to view every part of the video. It was never specified if the music video was to advertise anything, but I do believe it was made to help viewers spark interest in the band’s album and purchase their soundtrack. In conclusion, the 360 music video was successful, but maybe if a storyline was involved it would improve the music video’s experience and draw even more emotion out of the viewers.