Insta 360 One X Camera Review

When being introduced into the Virtual Reality world, I was able to test many cameras with 360 capabilities. There are many great cameras for VR use in the market such as the Theta and the GoPro. However, the Insta 360 One X has given me the best camera experience for my VR endeavors. This is one of the newest cameras to date that has been released for 360 videos. The camera is made from the company Insta360. There are various styles of the camera such as the normal Insta360, the Nano, NanoS, the Air, and the One. The Insta 360 One X camera is an Action camera. The price runs close to 400 dollars from the site. Although, there are various carriers that sale the camera. The camera is available in many different sites with easy accessibility to purchase.

Insta 360 One X (Click here to view camera)

One major reason as to why this camera has been my favorite is the easy steps for shooting. The camera is very simple and easy to use. The camera includes 2 buttons on the front and a mini screen. These are used to turn on the camera, turn to a specific setting, shoot, and turn off. Compared to other 360 cameras, the settings on the Insta are the easiest to navigate. There is an app called Insta360 One X that you can download to your phone to pair via Bluetooth with the camera. From there, you can begin to shoot your video and watch the footage straight from your phone.

There are many pros to this camera that id like to point out. The first being, the simplicity of the camera. As mentioned earlier, there is not complication with navigating through the settings and trying to shoot. All of the steps are very simple and self explanatory. Another pro for this camera would be the pre stitched footage. With VR, stitching video is one of the most tedious tasks to complete. With the Insta 360, once you upload your footage to a desktop, the footage is already pre stitched. this saves VR filmmakers a tremendous amount of time. Another pro that the Insta 360 One X has is its bullet time feature. This camera is able to take literally bullet time shots by swinging the camera around a space. Click here to watch an impressive bullet time video with the Insta 360 One X camera. You’re able to actually slow this footage down while editing in the app. The App for Insta 360 has pretty incredible features such as editing tools to put your video in black and white a many other filters.

As for now, it has been hard for me to find cons for this camera. As time goes on and more consumers use the Insta 360, complications may arise. However, for now this camera is some of the upmost highest in VR technology.

This camera could be applied in many VR storytelling videos. The stabilization for the camera is very high quality, so to use this camera for biking, skiing, or any other footage that will be constantly moving would be perfect.