Insta360 One X BulletTime Review

I am reviewing the Insta360 One X camera. Here is the information about this camera. The Link to the video is below….

In the product description for this camera here is what they say…

“The Insta360 ONE X action camera bundle lets you capture your adventures in every direction at once. With a few taps on your iPhone, you can frame the best parts of your shot and create a stunning, cinematic edit. Whether it’s perspective, time, or anything in between—you have complete control. Plus you get all the accessories you need for maximum shooting flexibility.”

  1. The maker- Insta360 One x with FlowState stabilization
  2. Availability-Available on the website, and the Apple website.
  3. Price- On the Apple website, the camera is $449.95. That includes the camera, portable storage bag, Insta360 bullet-time handle and folding tripod, Insta360 ONE X selfie stick, 32GB microSD card, Two Insta360 ONE X batteries, Micro USB charging cable, Micro USB to Lightning adapter cable, Micro USB to USB-C adapter cable, and the Micro USB to micro USB adapter cable.


  • 5.7K 360° video available, 18MP photos with large pixels for better low-light and image quality.
  • Shoot in every direction, then frame the best parts later—no need to point your camera anymore.
  • Invisible Selfie Stick gives you a drone without the noise or bulk—put the ONE X on the stick and the stick is gone.
  • Gimbal-like stabilization with groundbreaking FlowState stabilization algorithm that analyzes movement in all directions.


  1. Small and handy. This camera isn’t bulky like the GoPro, you can carry the camera around in your pocket, and you don’t need much for this camera.
  2. The wifi to camera compatibility is strong. The connection is instant. If you happen to forget the cable to the camera, you can go through the Insta360 app and connect manually. This is very helpful when you start shooting video and using the BulletTime feature.
  3. The BulletTime feature is clear video and in 5K. I was quite shocked when I looked at the footage to recognize how clear the video was.
  4. I like the protective case that the camera comes with. Since the lens of the Insta360 One X bulges out, that makes it more prone to lens damage. This camera will set you back about $500.00, so I can only image what a screen replacement through Apple would cost you.


  1. No button direction. Although there is a manual for a camera, there are no labels for what is what on the camera. For example, the two main buttons on the front of the camera. The one button is on the bottom, the selection button is ALSO the on button, but the top button is the start button. I’m more of a visuals person, so labels would be nice to have.
  2. No easy way to download the video. Once you are finished with your video, you have to download it. However, there is no easy way to download the video. In my video tutorial, you will notice that I had to take a video screenshot of the BulletTime video. What makes it more difficult is that when you download the video from the app, it goes into the “App” library. It doesn’t download into the iPhone camera gallery. There needs to be a way for Insta360 to transfer video from the app to the phone gallery.
  3. You don’t know if it’s working. For one, VIDEO AND BULLETTIME ARE TWO DIFFERENT FEATURES! Although, they may seem like the same thing, they are totally different. When you record a video, you can start it through the app. However, in BulletTime, you have to use the actual camera and you can’t tell if the Bullettime is working in the app. Insta360 needs to include something in the app to show that the Bullettime is recording.