Intel and Modern Medicine

The famous company, Intel, is helping to bring the medical field in a form for patients.  When doctors are attempting to explain a medical diagnosis to a patient, sometimes the patient has a hard time understanding what is really going on because they cannot see everything there is to know about their diagnosis. Virtual reality has helped to build that bridge between patient doctor discussion about a person’s diagnosis.


The video above discusses how a system known as “Surgical Theatre”, created by Intel, allows doctors and surgeons to take a patient’s brain into a VR setting and allow them to look around and better understand what they are looking at which then allows the patient to better understand what is going inside their body.  However, this technology is only being used in certain hospitals in a few cities. The video explains the desire to have this VR technology in hospitals everywhere to help patients feel more comfortable with their diagnosis and to understand how their procedures will take place.  This VR technology has been instrumental in patients with brain tumors.


A CAT scan can only show a patient so much. However, with VR, patients can go inside their own brain to see, not only the tumor, but where the tumor is located in comparison to critical areas such as optical nerves and different lobes of the brain.  Intel has been working with doctors to enhance the system to help patients truly see every part of what is going on inside their heads.  This software is also changing the ways doctors prepare for brain surgeries.  Before this system, doctors never knew what to fully expect when they would go into the operating room (OR).  They would think in their minds all the steps they might need to take and what to do if something goes wrong.  Now, with this VR technology, doctors are able to perform a virtual procedure that allows them to decide, step by step, what they will do in the OR and help mentally prepare them for whatever might be coming when they begin the surgery.


See this article for more information on how Intel is working with doctors and hospitals to integrate this technology:


How about that?  Virtual reality inside your own brain.  I would give anything to see that, minus the whole brain tumor part. This technology is revolutionary to medicine and to the world.  Never would I have thought to use VR to help a patient understand what is going on in their brain.  I think this use of VR is extremely exciting and ground breaking, and I think this is going to be open a lot of door for the medical industry in the future.  Right now, it may just be brains, but in the next few years, think about everything else we could look at: knees before knee surgery, organs before transplants, maybe even pregnancies.  The opportunities are truly endless, and I am so excited to see what else comes from this with Intel.

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