Jaunt VR App Review


Jaunt was an idea that originated in 2013 after one of its creators visited Zion National Park and wondered what it would be like to go back there for a brief jaunt, “a short journey, especially one taken for pleasure.” Thus, the idea for a VR business was born.

This free VR app features VR films from a massive variety of sources. Essentially, it’s a platform where users of all skill levels can post VR stories for others to view. The stories have to be approved by the creators of Jaunt before they are posted to the app, but anyone can submit content with the hopes of it being published. The Jaunt company also has a blog where they post a lot of pieces about VR at this link: https://blog.jauntvr.com.

The Pros:

For starters, the fact that anyone can submit VR content is awesome. It not only allows VR creators the chance to get their work advertised much easier, but it also gives the user a platform that compiles all different types of VR in one simple location.

This leads to the next great thing about this app: the genres are endless. Because anyone can produce content, the variety of stories in the app itself is awesome. There are horror films, animated pieces, stories from news networks like ABC and even behind-the-scenes stories from Hollywood movies. I was able to jump into an original live-action horror film one minute, and my friend was able to watch a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the movie “Mummy” the next. There is also an easy drop-down menu that allows you to sift through the different genres to find one you want to watch.

What’s also really unique is the fact that you can navigate the app and sift through all of the videos without ever having to remove your phone from the headset. Similar to how the viewer is able to navigate through the menus in the Oculus by “looking” in a certain direction, they can do the same in Jaunt. As soon as you launch the app, you can immediately put your phone in your headset and easily sort through films until you find one you want to watch. We’ve talked a lot in class how it can be frustrating at times having to select films to play by hand and then the movie starting while you’re still putting your phone in the headset. Well, this app removes all of that frustration.

What’s also great about this app is the fact that Jaunt doesn’t simply publish other people’s work, they create their own as well. As I mentioned above, I watched an original horror film they created with real actors, and it was actually done very well.

The Cons:

To put it simply, there aren’t any. I love everything about this app. The number of movies inside of it, the different genres you can explore and the fact that you can do it all while wearing your headset is absolutely fantastic. The graphics are amazing, especially considering the fact that it’s all being done on the iPhone. Not that the iPhone has poor graphics, but the only VR platform that I’ve seen where you’re able to navigate with the headset on was the Oculus, and everything below that typically has really poor visuals. But this app doesn’t. Overall, it’s a really cool app that allows you to experience a massive pool of films with complete ease. And the fact that you can try to submit your own content is just the icing on the cake.