Jurassic World: Blue (Behind the Scenes)

In our first weeks in class, we watched the first Jurassic World experience using the Oculus Rift.  The experience was extremely immersive, and it made me wonder how it was done.  I wanted to explore what went into the decision making and the production for the project which led me to this video.  The video is a behind the scenes look as to what goes into the second Jurassic World VR experience, Jurassic World: Blue.

The video gives you a brief look into the motion capture process, which is quite entertaining.  You get to see the motion capture stage and how it is set up, the technology that is used and the props used to assist the team in creating a virtual experience. The image below shows the crew working to set up a shot on the motion capture stage providing a glimpse into how the set looks.

The crew works to set up for motion capture.

A part of the work I found very interesting is the fact there are actual humans doing the acting for the animated dinosaurs. In the video, you get to see the actor mimicking the actions of real dinosaurs, rolling and trotting around.  It is an interesting experience; however, you don’t get to hear any comments from the actor.  I would like to see another behind the scenes look following the actor and getting to know what process the actor goes through to get into character. Below is an image of the actor in action.

Co-director, Paul Raphael, works with actor to capture scene.

Although you do not hear from the actor, the video provides some explanation by the creative staff.  Felix Lajuenesse and Paul Raphael, directors of Felix & Paul Studios help to explain the thought process of the directorial staff.  They describe how they work together and how Felix governs most of the creative aspects of the shots while Paul focuses more so on the technological aspects of each shot.  They show the themselves talking to actors and how they take their visions give the visions direction and work towards a final product.

Sebastian Sylwan is also a part of the crew. He is the Visual Effects Supervisor for the team and Chief Technology Officer and he talks about working with ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) to ensure the experience is transformed from what Paul and Felix are trying to create into animation.  Glen McIntosh is the Animation Supervisor from ILM.  He talks briefly about how the team works to create an organic feeling.  He says the key for an immersive experience is never cutting giving insight as to how to create true immersive experiences in VR.

A look at the animation process.

The only problem with the behind the scenes video is the lack of detail.  I would have liked to have more detail into how the processes work. The information given was general rather than in-depth.  There were no step-by-step explanations or descriptions of the equipment used.  It seemed rather rushed and left me wanting more elaboration.

Other than the desire for more information, I felt the video was very interesting.  It is short and to the point, but provides a perspective viewers could not get from anywhere else.

Jurassic World: Blue is available for Oculus Go and Oculus Rift.  A link to the experience can be found below: