Learning music in Augmented/Mixed Reality

This post is not necessarily a review of an app or a product but more like an experience. Learning music is a process of its own and there are many different ways to go about it. The App Instant Musician by Music Everywhere Inc. allows you to learn how to play songs using augmented reality on your phone and other augmented reality technology.

A product that is also advertised with this product are the HoloLens. The HoloLens is a product that turns augmented reality into mixed reality and you now can put on a pair of glasses and see a piano as well as various tools to help you learn how to play and place you in different scenarios for more playing experiences.

To an experience like this and with these products I see a lot of pro’s but I also see some cons that could affect the learning process. The main Pro I see could be that you are a visual learner and having something shown to you an at an arms length could help you process the information differently and learn how to play a song faster. The con to the same idea is that you no longer would have to use your brain and think about the music theory to what you are playing or even having to use your ear to learn how to play a song.

Another pro that I don’t really see a negative side to is that you can play with a band. Playing an entire song with a band or maybe learning a chord progression and being able to experience that space in time is a big part of music. When learning on your own you learn the little things with technique and maybe theory, but when you play with other instruments and can hear different voicings being played or even have some sort of energy to play off of It changes your experience as a whole.

I think the idea of augmented and mixed reality for learning music is a great idea and can be a great experience and can’t wait to see how It changes lives.