Lens Studio by Snapchat

These lenses are augmented reality better known as AR. Snapchat started this in December 2017. For most of the lens it is created with a 2D logo, picture, etc. So therefore a 2D software is used in order to create them.

There are several templates that you can use to create whatever lens you want. These templates includes:

Landmarker (Beta) This allows you to create different and unique lens at selected locations around the world.

The Landmarker lens includes:

  • Buckingham Palace in London, UK
  • Eiffel Tower in Paris, France 
  • Flatiron Building in NYC, US
  • TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, California, US
  • US Capitol in Washington, D.C., US

Pet Tracking  This lets you add different things to your real life cat or dog faces.

Hand Tracking This allows you to create a lens for your hand that adds images or animations to the palm.

Body Tracking– This lens allows you to add images and animations to the upper part of your body.

High Score– This is the lens that allows you track a high score on the games created.

It’s easy to make a lens with what they provide you but if you want to be more creative and go above and beyond it takes different software and many steps. You need to have a 2D image created of your own in order to get the full effect on creating a lens. One of the hardest lenses to create would be the land marker because of the process you have to deal with in order to have the special location created the way you want it.

Creating a len:

I decided to create a lens by using one of the templates they provided. This template was for the face and allowed me to create glasses of my choice. One I customized the frame and lenses in the glasses, I was able to sync it to my snap chat. I was able to do this by going to the snap chat app and taking a scanning the tag as if I was adding someone.