Mission To Mars AR

About a month ago, NASA’s Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter touched down in the Jezero crater on Mars and to celebrate that, Poland-based developer Immersion, gave the world a chance to conduct our own mission on the planet while using the same tools and vehicles that were employed on the actual $2.8 billion Mars 2020 mission by creating a new smartphone-based augmented reality experience called Mission To Mars AR. For those space enthusiasts, this mission experience is available free on IOS and Android is the perfect chance for you to place yourself on Mars as if you were actually there.

So what makes this AR experience exceptional you may ask? Well, to begin, you will get to operate the expensive Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter drone, conduct the adrenaline-pumping landing sequence, and perform surface scans in search of interesting phenomenons. In addition to those three things, there are also seven different activities that the Mission to Mars AR features, including: Meet the Rovers, Drive the Rovers, Mars Overview, Launch the Rocket, Mars Portal, 7 Minutes of Terror, and Mission on Mars.

With the feature of Meet the Rovers, you will get the chance to be up close and personal with both past and present rovers, and see how the machinery has advanced over the years.

The feature of Drive the Rovers, you will get behind the wheel and navigate your real-world surroundings with the power of AR.

The Mars Overview feature will let you search for unique features while towering over the bite-sized planet.

While using the Launch the Rocket feature, you are able to launch the Atlas V rocket anywhere you would like in whatever environment you choose.

By using the Mars Portal, you are able to enter an AR portal leading to Mars and explore a future human colony.

During the 7 Minutes of Terror feature, you will compete against NASA’s robotic automation to see who can better control the landing sequence.

With the Mission on Mars feature, you will complete various Perseverance missions and fly the Ingenuity helicopter.

The only weakness to this AR experience in my opinion would be the directions that are given during it. Yes, it does give many signals and directions as to what and how you should experience a certain feature, but I think they could be much clearer because even I had some trouble figuring out how to work certain things.

This experience is very appropriate for AR because people will get the chance to step into a different universe like never before. With all the built in features to this experience, not only will people get to walk through a portal into Mars, but they also will get to drive rovers and launch rockets. I give this AR experience two thumbs up!

Link to Mission To Mars AR story: https://vrscout.com/news/mars-rover-landing-mission-to-mars-ar/

Link to the company Immersion: https://immersion.pl/

A video of me using one of the features in Mission To Mars AR on IOS.