Ready Player One Review

Ready Player One is a combination of Tron Legacy and Spy Kids Three. Based on a real book, Director Steven Spielberg took the story up a notch with spectacle film work, nostalgic references and just a great story.

This movie is set in the near future, 2045 in Columbus, OH where one kid who enjoys playing video games is sent on a mission to become the next CEO of the company. But the company didn’t exist physically, just virtually. Yes, to access the escape from the outside world you had to put that VR set and go nuts in a make-believe world. But it was up to Wade “Parzival” Watts to save the “Oasis” from being taken over from a big company and destroy the fun concept of the virtual world.

Ready Player One brought everyone together as the references showed what someone cares about from their child into one movie. The only thing I came out of this movie is the realization that this might be in our world around this time period.

One thing this movie did right was how they predicted what the future could be. It didn’t go overboard but something but predicted something that can come true. With VR headsets coming into the world of gaming and experiencing technology, this movie showed where this technology can be taken to. In this sense, I compare it to “1984” but not as cruel.

For example, in this picture, you can Wade’s suit that allows him to feel any touch made in the game. Here’s a shocker, that exists! Suits like these are really expensive. Knowing you can get pressure and possibly punished physically for something you did in-game is the jaw-dropping effect this movie had.

Another thing that this movie got right is how VR is going to change everything in video games and in life as we know it. People are going to be able to go anywhere with just a headset and some decent internet connection. That’s all it takes, VR is the future and we are just getting started.

This tweet sums it all up. VR is coming to the front-runner in technology. It will give anyone a chance.

As you see the technology come from a mind to now a movie screen and seeing it reflected in a use is remarkable. However, this movie served as a nostalgic place for anyone who gets the reference.

Obviously being from Spielberg himself, we saw his movies such as the “Back to the Future” DeLorean as Wade is spotted driving the car in a race at the beginning of the film. But many 80’s references were made in the movie such as “The Shining.” After talking to people about the movie, their favorite scene has something to do with the movie. Watch it yourself.

Overall, the movie is a spectacle to see. From future technology and oversees of just filmmaking and telling stories would give anyone from any audience a good time.