Stageside with X Ambassadors

This VR experience showcases a view that not many get to see – an onstage look at an X Ambassadors concert. This video was posted to YouTube and produced by Verizon. The company wanted to show what people will see when they attend this concert, and advertise that they tickets as well as exclusive access packages for this concert series. The video is doing very well as far as feedback goes. It was only posted two weeks ago, and it already has over 2 million views with lots of likes and comments. Many commenters seem to be fans of the band and that is what drew them to the video, but they commented on how seeing it in VR was exciting and different.

There is not much of a storyline here because I think the producers were trying to excite people about the experience. I liked how the video started by putting the viewer in the center of the band’s pre-concert huddle. They prepped for their show by what looked like a prayer ritual that seemed very special to the entire group. I liked how the video started with that, because it gave the viewer a little bit of insight on the band’s interests before they watched them play. If the video hadn’t started with that, it would have been difficult for me to be interested in their show. Showing that at the beginning of the video was definitely what drew me in and made me continue to watch. This was probably the only use of emotion throughout the entire thing. It is probably more of an emotional video for fans of the band, or people who have never seen them in concert but really wish to. For me, after that first sequence, I didn’t really feel any emotional attachment to what was happening.


This video was definitely experience driven. You could tell not only by the lack of narration and plot, but because the editors continuously changed the camera angle in order to keep the viewer alert and interested. It also showed a lot of very exciting moments in the concert, like when the entire audience started to wave their arms in unison, and when the lead singer jumped up on the barrier and then crowd surfed. I do think it was appropriate for VR, because every time you go to a concert, you see what’s in front of you – the performer. I think the view of the audience, probably at every concert, is much more impressive. When there are thousands of people close together singing, dancing and cheering for whoever is on stage, that is a show in and of itself. As concertgoers, we never get to see this view, and it is one worth noticing.

Concerts are beginning to become the focus of a lot of new VR work. Here is an article that explains the first live Oculus VR concert.

I think I would have enjoyed this VR concert video more if it was edited differently. The lead singer serves as the main character, and he is a very good performer in that he is never stagnant. He is always moving and giving the audience something interesting to watch. However, it was difficult for me to follow him because the camera angles switched in the video so frequently. If the angles were shown for longer, it would have been easier for me to pay attention to where he was and follow him while he was performing, as the audience does. This is Live Nation Concerts’ VR page. Here they have VR videos of several of the artists they pair with to host concerts. I enjoyed looking at a couple of these videos after I had watched the X Ambassadors. In comparison, I like the way the Live Nation videos are edited, because it is easier for me to look around and really absorb the environment I’m placed in.

In total, I think this video is accomplishing what it was made for. Verizon made this video to promote their App for ticket sales and concert information. In terms of VR quality, I think it could have been edited better in order to keep the viewer more interested and more engaged.


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